01-06 Politically Incorrect Daily

Political Memes and Funny Pictures

try to party like still in twenties et
dog breakin had snacks so gave him everything
antonio brown tom brady dont wanna be a pirate seinfeld
chucky choosing peace harmony streets violence
bow alter of covid or face retribution
omicron variant gummy flintstone vitams van damme
jacket vaccine passport right here flipping bird
joe biden putin checkers world chess match
americans then redcoats now masked jabbed government let me outside
aoc masks save lives maskless everyone sleep with me

Shocker 🙄

Who Saw This Coming? The New Term for ‘Fully Vaccinated’ Has Arrived

CNN – Always First on the Scene with Breaking News

cnn obese higher risk of covid

Let the 1/6 Anniversary Gaslighting Begin

january 6 every day democratic calendar
shining ocasio cortez aoc came close to half of house dyring during riots
democrats media burning riots murder across america obsession january 6th capitol
liz cheney stalinist january 6th show trial meadows
iran cleric austere religious scholar old woman domestic terrorist
cnn just admit biden made mistake january 6th trump scream
january 6th hearing ignore 14000 hours footage see 30 second video
pelosi january 6th bipartisan stunt circus rinos
january 6th fake crying hearing
real domestic terrorists cnn msnbc cbs abc

Social Media Posts of the Day

tweet political prisoners someone not tried convicted charged in solitary
tweet 14000 hours unreleased video obvious who isnt truthful january 6th
message internet censorship russians covid january 6th domestic extremists just want no free speech

Quote of the Day

quote not going to censor myself to comfort your ignorance v vendetta

Message of the Day

message wondered why somebody didnt do something i am somebody

This Is Why They Better Fix the Damn Election Systems and Stop Stomping on Civil Rights

Shocking Poll Finds Nearly 40% of Americans Say Violence Against the Gov’t Would Be Justified Today

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One thought on “01-06 Politically Incorrect Daily

  1. Usually, I post things here which I consider humorous, in effort to bring even more humor to this great site. Please allow me to be serious with this entry.

    The third Monday in April is Patriots’ Day, celebrating the battles of Lexington and Concord in the Revolutionary War. September 11th is Patriot Day. Being inclusive, a respecter of diversity, I request:
    Please join all patriotic Americans in commemorating this day January 6, today and in the future as Lady Patriot Day, in honor of Ms. Babbitt, murdered or negligently killed by Capitol Police, but also every other female patriot serving our and their country with honor and dignity, and exercising her civil liberties against election chicanery, or any other BS patriotic Americans abhor.

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