01-07 Politically Incorrect Daily

Political Memes and Funny Pictures

one week into dry january
how to insert usb flip wrong wrong correct
taxes job house school math quadratic formula
showing god memes trying to save america
trying keep warm biden war on energy heating costs
government wouldnt do that tuskegee mockingbird mkultra naomi northwoods
weekend bernies media jan 6th committee
twitter shting over free speech
chuck schumer filibuster change poison apple
fauci called rebranding covid to infinity and beyonder biden love
nancy pelosi catch person put water in vodka glass
federal prosecutors 24 years maxwell bush clinton obama
jan 6th please stay inside ropes orderly overthrowing powerful government history

Social Media Posts of the Day

tweet emma ketchum key looking amazing look like sht most of time surprise
tweet soulmates only one put up with my sht
tweet excessive crying urgent care babies
tweet daughter hairbrush not a murderer

Taking Advantage of a Human Weakness

A basic aspect of human psychology is a need for social/peer approval. This typically peaks during the teen years and dissipates with age, but it never really goes away. The Ruling Class knows this and uses it to control & expand its power. Nowhere is this more obvious nowadays than the demonization of the unvaccinated. For years, “anti-vaxxers” have been portrayed as nutcases who are brainwashed by a few obscure websites on the internet, and who are against every shred of modern medical science. In the Covid era though, the anti-vaxxer label is being put on ANYONE who questions the effectiveness & safety of a new vaccine type being used against a new type of virus. Politicians and the media have expanded the attacks to people who dutifully got the first two shots but who now see the uselessness of the Covid vaccines, especially against new variants, and have decided to forego any booster shots. They’re even demonizing people who’ve acquired the antibodies from a previous infection and don’t see the need for a vaccine.

Why the demonization? It’s to take advantage of the human need for social/peer approval. People don’t want to be seen as uneducated, anti-science conspiracy theorists. They generally like to avoid conflict. That need for social/peer acceptance motivates them to do exactly what the Ruling Class wants, and as we’ve seen the past two years, it’s just as good of a control mechanism as military enforcement, if not better. This is especially true in the science/medical community. You can be ostracized from peers if you take a position outside the accepted orthodoxy. This could lead to loss of grants, the inability to publish research studies, and of course, being erased from the Internet by Big Tech Thought Police.

I personally am not anti-vaccine and have gotten doctor-recommended shots through most of my lifetime, but I’ve recently become disgusted with modern medicine, which seems to create more problems than it solves, and I’m not going to ignore the obvious vaccination & medical establishment failures of the past two years. I’m guessing most of family & friends thought 18 months ago I was a nut in regards to Covid, but as I’m proven right over and over, more of my network is waking up. The social/peer approval method of control fails to help the Ruling Class as more people stand up. Other critical thinkers see they’re not alone.

message slaves standing up to masters whip we are here
tweet macron 5 million unvaccinated non citizens
bob superpowers unvaccinated kill vaccinated selfish

Govt Report: 95% German Omicron Cases Among Vaccinated
Tucker Carlson Demolishes Biden’s ‘Pandemic Of The Unvaccinated’ Canard

graph marin county highest vax mask rates

Quote of the Day

quote ben carson why no talk natural immunity

Message of the Day

message pills grow some balls stop submitting to slavery

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  1. It’s not a new type of virus. That is part of their narrative and fearmongering campaign. While I do believe that this was lab-created for deadly purposes, it is still a coronavirus, still mutates like one to become less virulent, etc. The fact that a Coronavirus was chosen was likely more because these viruses have evaded the creation of safe real traditional vaccines and so “justified” the use of these gene-altering death jabs once released onto the globe. The bottom line of course is that viruses will always virus, and everything we have known about them for decades is 100% applicable for this one, and now all of a sudden the narrative of “we’re going to need to learn to live with Covid” is being accepted, while hundreds we’re condemned for such blasphemy 2 years ago.

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