01-09 Politically Incorrect Daily

Political Memes and Funny Pictures

frozen gas pump receipt car wash member
bell above bed ring for great service
everyone in 2022 memes hooters
tom jerry friends ignoring every orwellian rule
worst combination ever glasses facemask
kids mental health risk no gender identity
how to stop covid stop getting tested for cold
sign chuck norris vapes omicron
betty white wont vote democrat 2022 probably will now

Social Media Posts of the Day

tweet like skin may be raising serial killer
tweet mom train wreck metaphor
tweet mom you look 20000 years old

Quote of the Day

quote elon must died tonight employer ad not family friends make a life

Engineered Excuse to Crack Down on Conservatives & Libertarians

Days after the 1/6 anniversary, the mainstream media is STILL talking about what should be nothing more than a footnote of history. Here’s a timesaver for you: if you hear a reporter use the words “insurrection” or “attack on democracy,” you can stop right there. You need nothing more to know 100% the person is a propagandist liberal shill who is in the process of gaslighting you. They will always use the same phrases and talking points. Politicians and commentators discussing it go through extensive acting classes beforehand to use the right amount of sadness and shock, sometimes having to pull some nostril hairs to get the right amount of tears. We all know what it’s about — portraying all Trump supporters as crazy as well as justification for more censorship & destruction of civil rights.

To me, the most infuriating statement they inevitably put into these segments are “…after Trump instigated the riot with his false claims of election fraud.” Trump only said 10+ times to “peacefully” protest only, of course, but it’s the 2nd part of that quote that bothers me the most. There were supposedly about 160 million votes tallied in the 2020 election. How can anyone possibly definitively state there was zero election fraud? Entire books have been written describing how the Ruling Class did everything they could to rig the 2020 election. And how much more evidence could have been compiled if Big Tech Thought Police didn’t shut down EVERY attempted sharing & compiling of fraud examples, including all 30+ million people on Parler? A real journalist would at the minimum say “alleged voter fraud,” but that is NEVER added. It’s always 100% definitive — Zero fraud. Election not stolen. No Doubt. Case Closed. And it’s ironclad proof the mainstream media is trying to get you to question your own sanity, the textbook example of gaslighting.

jan 6th committe dairy farmer stop milking once while
charlie brown wah wah propaganda bs media
peaceful protest worst attack on democracy since civil war

While the Government Goes After Any Trump Supporter or Covid Restriction Resister…

The Great Epstein Cover-Up, Part I
Judge Dismisses Only Criminal Sexual Charge Against Andrew Cuomo

simpsons tap sign forget epstein network maxwell justice
maxwell suicide watch seen this one
island boys original jeff epstein bill gates
Andrew Cuomo Meme Gallery

Flurona is Here & Our Democracy is Burning – 7 Stories to Terrify You!

Link: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=hksS1aqtg30

Message of the Day

message internet friends wwiii fighting

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2 thoughts on “01-09 Politically Incorrect Daily

  1. As to Jan 6, let’s not forget that protest have occurred in the Capital several times in the past.
    Nor should we forget the many past elections that have been stolen.
    America has long been a shell with the core removed.

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