01-10 Politically Incorrect Daily

Political Memes and Funny Pictures

recipe page first scroll wrestler
what women want attentive lovers tent of lovers
spider earrings how get slapped with flipflop
champagne orange juice alcoholism negativity
never forget grocery shopping 2020 march
new covid variant bendova scientists anita oxlong
obiwan luke insurrections travel single file hide their numbers
biggest governments in world cant stop virus global warming if pay more taxes lisa simpson
red state vs blue state remote threat omicron
joe biden one down 3 more to go stairs
sotomayor how started going constitution states federal

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Quote of the Day

quote ron paul instead of debating spending agencies should exist at all

Shocking! Another Conspiracy Came True?!

Moderna CEO Says Fourth Vaccine Dose May Be Needed Next Fall

rick morty government parachute didnt work first 3 times 4th im in
dr fauci bill gates booster shots forever shining twins

Australian Politician Imposes Lockdown on Unvaccinated Residents: ‘Work Is Not a Reason to Leave the Home’

Let’s Force Masks FOREVER on the Group with Near Zero Covid Risk

celebrities athletes our children facemasks

Meet Your Totally Unbiased Covid TV Experts

hahn smith gottlieb fauci pfizer moderna

Random Thoughts of the Day

It takes about 15 seconds to break down the rationale for vaccine mandates:

  1. It doesn’t stop you from getting or transmitting Covid.
  2. If it protects you from getting sick, why should you care if others are vaccinated or not?
  3. Covid rates are at record highs, and it’s spreading like wildfire even among people who’ve had 3 shots and follow masking & social distancing to a cultish degree.
  4. Vaccines are causing health problems in a certain percentage of the population.
  5. They may be the cause of Delta, Omicron, and other variants.
  6. Vax mandates cause a host of other problems such as breaking HIPAA, encroaching on medical freedom, disruption of the supply chain, and exasperating the labor shortage.

So why are leader so obsessed with forcing them on everyone? Pharma profits is one reason of course, but there’s a much bigger reason — it DIVIDES the population! If the peasants are fighting each other, the anger isn’t focused where it should be — the Ruling Class.

elite watching us start civil war instead of a revolution
like passport protect me government oppression covid masks vax

Social Media Posts of the Day

tweet i you we all scream nothings changed
tweet jesse kelly sotomajor communist pretending to be justice no shame

Message of the Day

message like to thank middle finger always sticking up for me

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