01-13 Politically Incorrect Daily

Political Memes and Funny Pictures

lawn darts treat wounded tally points repeat one child remains
spray wd40 in mouth stop noise making
cursing only bad word taxes others good enough for sailors ron swanson
10 year challenge dollar penny
restaurant staffing issues dog serving
facebook relationship status in abusive relationship government
if only symptom is positive test you aint sick
if they dont know long term efficacy how not cause adverse effects
monkey protecting from unprotected forcing
luke ben cant be calling tusken raiders sandpeople
democrats election reforn ballot harvesting ban photo id
simpsons stop already dead rand paul fauci

Social Media Posts of the Day

tweet favorite child husband being independent
tweet therapist joking bestie
tweet students bite me in dick avril clark rockin

President Uniter

joe biden two party system democrats and domestic terrorists

You Don’t Have to Cite Research Studies or Answer Tough Questions, Just Go To Your Handy Reference Book for Everything Covid

fauci golden book everything dont like misinformation

In the “Things That Will NEVER Happen” Category

tweet calls fauci debate maline mrna

You Can TOTALLY Trust Your Government

research on duckduckgo bored government operations

Quote of the Day

quote if governments done nothing covid be in better place russell

Messages of the Day

message cheers called crazy stand up for whats right

Other Links That May Interest You

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3 thoughts on “01-13 Politically Incorrect Daily

  1. Government is the greatest evil ever created by man. Every day and everything they do simply reinforces that truth.

    Great stuff as always.

  2. Folks,
    In response to Bee Matne:
    We no not need to have a debate.
    It has been on going since this first hit the news back in 2019.
    People pointed out the pretty much annual hysteria around some bug somewhere in the world that was gonna wipe out half the population and they all pretty much amounted to a poot in a hurricane.
    if you aren’t well read on world history you need to focus on that.
    history written by the people who were there not somebody who uses tertiary or fourth removed sources.
    You will see just how evil man can be and the good old US of A will be found in the thick of it and what we have done is a very brief time have been here.

    in addition to that you you need to read the Bible and understand that God may be patient but he is not mocked
    that you will reap what you sow.
    You will see the individual is held responsible for the crimes of the government of nation
    there is no plausible deniability.
    there is no hiding behind the government saying it is OK to kill or steal in its name.

  3. For a good sermon series on how God destroys nations, go to sermon audio dot com and search the above topic
    do you want the five sermon series by Pastor John Weaver.
    Insert poor judgment tyranny war fighting ……..

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