01-20 Politically Incorrect Daily

Political Memes and Funny Pictures

dragging wife book club drunk
dog cats citizen evicted home organized criminal group
flipping bird envelope speeding ticket
parking by fire hydrant firemen dont give f
government provided free keep using that word princess bride
horrifying villains return from dead jason myers hillary clinton
judge by content of character joe biden you aint black
democracy under threat fauci most power never elected npc
joe biden titanic king of thing retiring democrats lifeboat
democrats change tire 2024 biden harris
freedom pass nightclub pedos visit island kept secret
why posting trigger people fck them chappelle
blue state attire shopping helmet mask bulletproof vest
freedom pass trap
covid cases surging 5 most vaccinated states fact checkers pfizer cdc
first athlete history banned not taking drugs

Social Media Posts of the Day

tweet harvard guys local community college
tweet mommy stop saying things get better drink cash
tweet professor birth birch dear
tweet flirting kids dat ass husband

Random Thoughts of the Day

A few weeks back I recommended the book The Real Anthony Fauci. It is a detailed look at Fauci’s sordid history as well as the Bill Gates record as a health “philanthropist.” It basically destroys their reputations, painting them as evil, corrupt sociopaths perhaps responsible for millions of deaths. It’s one thing to make accusations on low-trafficked websites. It’s quite another to publish a high-profile, well-researched book. It made me wonder, why hasn’t the author, Robert Kennedy, Jr., been sued? I’m fairly confident Gates & Fauci can scrape together the funds to put a legal dream team in place for such a lawsuit. Maybe it’s because there is one ironclad defense against libel & slander lawsuits that all the legal wrangling in the world cannot overcome — THE TRUTH!

bill gates tony fauci world dangerous parasites

Jim Jordan: ‘We Definitely Are’ Investigating Fauci if Republicans Win Back the House in 2022

Quote of the Day

quote feynmann rather questions cant be answered

Message of the Day

message founding fathers not career politicians extremists wouldnt submit to oppressive rule

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4 thoughts on “01-20 Politically Incorrect Daily

  1. If you honesty think that serious investigations or heaven forbid, actual prosecutions will happen if Republicans are elected, then you must either have just moved to this country or must not have been paying attention ever. One group of criminal politicians never goes after the other with any seriousness, lest they set a precedent for their own behavior the next time. Fauxi, Gates, Wallensky, Schwab, and others are mass murderers who have committed crimes against humanity that span the globe. They will be held accountable, but I wouldn’t hold my breath waiting for the Republicans. Big Pharma contributes billions to their campaigns too.

  2. Yeah, no shit, but it’d be nice to hear to few people at least bring some attention to their crimes instead of the perpetual bowing & boot-liking for Fauci & Gates that we usually see from politicians not named Rand.

    • For sure some public light would be nice. Of course Tucker Carlson and C-SPAN would be the only television folks covering it.

  3. How many times have we heard this song before?
    Trump was singing about Hillary and we’re still waiting to see her get prosecuted.
    Jim may be one of the good guys but they are too few and far between.
    Many would like to be brave but are two chicken and only want to survive to the next election.
    A few like Jim, Ron Paul, Gowdy, and a few others are allowed to participate to show some opposition but they are never able to make any progress.
    One of God’s judgments against a pagan nation is He destroys the government, fills it with women and imbeciles.

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