01-25 Politically Incorrect Daily

Political Memes and Funny Pictures

demon tries to inhabit body everything hurts
mom eating ice cream coffee cup so much to learn
coffee distance takes forget number 1 and 10
sponge bob licenses registrations property tax sales income tariffs
babylon bee biden warns russia ukrained lieave 86 billion weapons behind
fauci if follow science leads to my bank account
biden presidency turning out as planned
democrats attack everyone else time for unity
mass format psychosis right wing conspiracy pool dividers
didnt realize parents tell truth domestic terrorist as adult
watching people posting positive tests bandaids cards
stocks slowing covid19 inflation higher interest rates
klobucher protect kill filibuster cash
joe biden 1 year at wheel outperformed

Social Media Posts of the Day

tweet best selfie realistic beauty standards
tweet good bad day deserve little treat
tweet introvert stamina 3min conversation physical damage
tweet abolish valentines day winter halloween

Quote of the Day

quote karl marx communism abolition private property schwab great reset

Suspend the Accounts of the CDC

cdc past week pcr comorbities masks

Anyone the past two years who pointed out these obvious facts was dinged on social media, possibly suspended if you insisted on continuing to point out the truth.

Messages of the Day

message people tested without symptoms cemetery dead
message from science stop saying trust in me dont thrive without questions

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