01-27 Politically Incorrect Daily

Political Memes and Funny Pictures

child wont eat meat dogs will
son daughter why study show picture
affleck smoking taking breaking loving kids
me calculating how many government lies people realize lied to
moderna pfizer bonuses strain released dumb dumber
armor youtube google censorship memes covid narrative
sign burglars carry id so can notify next of kin
biden first year over 3 more years sht
neil young leaving spotify see nobody cares
joe biden push pull door answers cognitive question
killer clown looks like fauci
babylon bee biden mounts mission save hunter cash ukraine
joe biden get off my law stupid sons of btches
neil young karen like speak spotify manager

Social Media Posts of the Day

tweet rather murder unsolved go thru phone
tweet student late 1900s hurt
tweet chernobyl dissident scientist soviet union
tweet if trump used ground troops protect country gave family money different media take

Corrupt, Biased, Brainwashed, Despicable, Ruling Class-Protecting Wastes of Oxygen

rasmussen poll media enemy of the people

Quote of the Day

quote yoda in a dark place we find ourselves knowledge lights our way

Message of the Day

message stop taking tests stay home sick

Democrat Control = F.O.R.E.V.E.R. Masking

side effects kids hiding behind mask
message kid need fresh air see faces no mask
new york governor picture school children masks

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