01-28 Politically Incorrect Daily

Political Memes and Funny Pictures

electric bill alexa parakeet tv music lights
intellectual classical music bugs bunny
shoutout remember childhood phone number cant remember yesterdays password
unvacced daily still here btches
just do whatever they say have freedom what terrorists say
swanson family mental illness history trusts fauci
babylon bee m&m indentifies as skittle transgender
neil young so woke cancel yourself
joe biden cnn ask easy question never calls me son of btch no one remember you
singers in 1960s go to jail die free speech now neil young ufc man ban

Social Media Posts of the Day

tweet walsh permits patio none infected lab monkeys spill virus
tweet marvel movies after endgame carry on 2022
tweet everyone under 30 neil young spotify

Quote of the Day

quotes trump supports dont wear khakis wave dixie flags january 6th bs

Thought Crime Report

YouTube Permanently Bans Dan Bongino

tweet old enough censorship evil now go to surgeon general rogan

Government “Scientists” in a nutshell: “We will establish ‘settled science’ narratives each week, then direct our fascist co-conspirators to use Soviet-style techniques to silence anyone who doesn’t go along with it.”

npc surgeon general thrown off show go on rogan show to debate
tweet dangerous stage tyranny fraud exposed cornered rat

Top Doctor Calls for Reinstatement of People Fired Over Vaccine Mandates

Only You Can Stop It

oregon school 2nd grade kids all masks picture

Unless you want the rest of your kids’ academic career to look like this, you have to keep up the pressure on school boards. It doesn’t have to be angry or violent, just constant speeches, protests, resistance, and mass refusal to go along with their fascist rules. If half the kids in school don’t show up with masks, do you think they’re going to suspend all of them? They can try, but eventually they’ll realize the futility of their forever-masking attempts. Organize refusal-to-obey days with fellow parents. Email and talk to teachers directly. Calmly express your views, citing the long list of negatives of perpetually masking the lowest-risk Covid demographic. If school boards are getting enough pressure from both parents and teachers, they’ll eventually either relent or resign. Don’t fall for artificial time deadlines, which as has been done the past two years, will just be extended for the next “emergency”–indefinitely. They’re already talking about new strains after omicron…all part of the plan. F.O.R.E.V.E.R.

Remember, the more people see they’re not alone, the more they themselves will be willing to speak up. Also remember you’re teaching your kids one of the most valuable lessons they could ever learn -> that you should stand up for what you believe, even when the rest of the crowd is too afraid. It’s a far more important life lesson than the day of quadratic equations and “why America sucks” history lessons they may be missing if suspended.

Mom Sticks Up to Virginia’s Largest School District on Mask Mandates
Covid-19 Facemasks Meme Gallery

learn in state indoctrination camp segregation men have babies

Message of the Day

message conspiracy theorist endless hours research critical thinking people watch tv say crazy

Other Links That May Interest You

Sweden Dropping Covid Vaccine Recommendation for Young Kids
If You’re Confronted By A Mask Karen, Rand Paul Has Some Advice
Big Government/Socialism Meme Gallery 2

3 thoughts on “01-28 Politically Incorrect Daily

  1. So long as you willingly hand your child over to the gulag of government monopoly day prisons every morning, expecting that they will educate them as you see fit, you are part of the problem. So long as you continue to demand that the government steal from your neighbors and local businesses and property owners to pay for your child’s education and believe that they will not demand to control the content, you are part of the problem. The only true solution is to show your children how important education is and walk away from these bureaucratic hell holes. The next step is to work for their abolition and the return of your tax dollars. Only a truly free, competitive marketplace that includes charity schools, voluntary scholarships, homeschooling, private schools, co-op schools, etc. can ever hope to address the needs of parents and students while also being fully accountable to the market. Nothing government ever does is done for the citizens, and nothing is ever done without strings attached.

  2. Only thing I ever knew about Neil Young was what Lynyrd Skynyrd said about him in Sweet home Alabama.
    Sort of always wondered why we didn’t need him around.
    Now nobody wants him around.

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