01-31 Politically Incorrect Daily

Political Memes and Funny Pictures

elmo washcloth tub peek under
spider gas can got a match
therapist finish what started candy cake minion
lines covid feel great better get tested just in case
joe biden whites not allowed supreme court breyer
doctor contraceptive doesnt stop pregnant husband still wear condom science
walensky how did natural immunity figures escape from lab cdc
maxwell trafficking children no one best customers still running
joe biden afghanistan trust me ukraine
aunt jemima lost job pandemic feel good supreme court chances
time hasnt been young to neil young 2022 npc
trudeau positive new variant coward 19 fears truckers patriotic canadians
pokinski gus polka king chicago pull spotify music

Big Tech Should DEFINITELY Be the Censorship Arbiters of Science Truth

pregnant man person emoji apple iphones

Pregnant Man, Pregnant Person (But No Pregnant Woman) Emojis Coming to iPhone

Social Media Posts of the Day

tweet intermittent fasting slept 7 hours
tweet healthy economy inheritance wait parents die
tweet ricciardella done with covid never started warned 2 years
tweet spotify protests coerce censorship so we have no option

Quote of the Day

quote sorbo dont preach unity have practiced 4 years

Biden: Heating Costs Not That Expensive

before turning heat on note get dressed

Messages of the Day

message be like toto didnt ignore man behind curtain
shoutout to facebook gofundme trudeau msm all showing convoy needed

Russia Russia Russia

Some of you may wonder what to make of all this Russia-Ukraine BS. To do so, it’s useful to look at things from the Russian point of view, since they’re supposedly the instigators of the whole conflict. Putin isn’t a religious nut like we may face in Iran or Afghanistan. He is, however, a former KGB officer who has gone most of us life fighting who he’s been taught is Russia’s #1 world enemy–the United States & it’s western allies. In the recent past, he’s witnessed U.S.-led war efforts in Iraq, Syria, and Afghanistan. If you go back a little further, there was also the Clinton admin efforts in Eastern Europe civil wars. All of these wars were relatively close to the Russian border; however, there were buffer countries in between.

Keeping in mind we’re looking from Russia’s point of view, consider the four years of the Trump administration. Before Covid, what was the obsession of the Democrats, Establishment Republicans, and the media? Yes, that’s right–Russia Russia Russia! In an effort to destroy Trump, they want way beyond election interference to attack anything & everything Russia. Now those same people are in charge. Many of the same Leftists have spoke openly about destroying the oil industry, the foundation of Russia’s economy.

Then there’s the relic of NATO, originally set up to counter Stalin’s European expansion in the late 1940s, but which now has been essentially useless since the Soviet Union collapsed 30+ years ago. However, from Russia’s viewpoint, NATO still represents a significant threat that is slowly expanding & gobbling up more countries. So when any border countries like Ukraine talk about joining NATO and growing cooperation with the West, it looks like a direct threat right next to Russia. Don’t forget, Putin has watched the U.S. get involved in several decades of foreign wars where no opponents were even close to being a match on the battlefield, even ones Russian-armed & supported. So he’s lashing out now with his threat to invade Ukraine. This is not to excuse him behavior, only explain it.

Have you wondered why none of this BS happened during the Trump administration? No, it wasn’t because he was a Russian agent. It’s because he was doing everything he could to unwind wars, plus he openly accused the U.S. of starting an unnecessary war in Iraq justified by questionable intelligence. He also talked about dissolving NATO, and at the very least, he massively cut the funding. So Putin didn’t feel a direct threat. Now however, the Establishment is back in charge, not just in the Russia-Russia-Russia Democrat hysterics but in the Republican Party, including a former presidential nominee named Mitt Romney, who said in a national debate that our biggest geopolitical foe was, you guessed it, Russia!

northrop raytheon lockheed american vs russian teenagers war
liberals trying to explain no evidence of collusion still evidence

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One thought on “01-31 Politically Incorrect Daily

  1. Don’t forget as well that the coup in Ukraine that overthrew the democratically elected government that was friendly to Russia, was organized, funded, and orchestrated by the Obama/Biden administration, MI6, and others, and as a reward for Biden’s efforts and likely actions that haven’t ceased, his crackhead son was paid millions as a board member of a major Ukrainian company. Now the “big guy” infests the White House and is ready to wage nuclear war on behalf of the country that owns him and likely photos of his son. Oh, and scum like the CBC in Canada are suggesting that Russia is likely behind the massive trucker protest.

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