02-02 Politically Incorrect Daily

Political Memes and Funny Pictures

complaint department take number grenade
mario chased by turtles found mushrooms in glove box cop
elmer fudd kill the wabbit when someone asks me been to opera
elizabeth warren next supreme court justice woman color
joker fb moves bottom of feed but all friends are there
everything woke turns sht petrica teslauan
taken will find you rip stupid facemask off
justin trudeau never going to find master of disguise
atf telling kids redcoats
groundhog day expect 6 more variants fauci
old enough joe biden kept black from supreme court thomas
justin trudeau truckers want to date me aoc

Social Media Posts of the Day

tweet alexander justification force criminal companies arent liable doesnt stop transmission
tweet misinformation has new meaning anything doesnt fit narrative
tweet candace owens aids flu covid positive hospitals treat vaxed heart transplant

Message of the Day

message lisa simpson people want to censor others never been good guys

This is CNN

CNN Commentator: the Unvaccinated Are Just Like the Aztecs and Their Human Sacrifices

Quote of the Day

quote huxley propagandist make other people not human

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