02-05 Politically Incorrect Daily

Political Memes and Funny Pictures

deep thoughts boomers regret no college millennials going to
superbowl should be saturday change my mind
tom jerry dynamite memes support awakening newsfeed
jake state farm patrick mahomes aaron rodgers fun vacation plans february
college majoring cancelling anyone i dont agree with
biden supporters hiding box year later
fauci dont always lie about science kidding all i do
senate hearing supreme court recuse affirmative action cases
nancy pelosi running for children indoctrination crt communism
does ivermectin work google no men pregnant yes
democrats ukraine wag the dog chasing tail
reddit 4 years mostly peaceful protests 1 week trucks honking royalty

Social Media Posts of the Day

tweet cnn covered up andrew cuomo charges zucker former comms director wonder why trust rogan
tweet want rogan whoopi speak freely if dont like hearing wont listen turn off
tweet would care about groundhog day if different past two years
tweet james olsson board certified cardiologist 700 papers not conspiracy theorist
tweet groupies rockers not down just wanted drugs bang

Don’t Worry. It’s Fine. Everything is Fine.

national debt 30 trillion shaggy

That’s over $91,000 per person for every man, woman, and child in the United States. And since half the country pays $0 in federal income tax, figure $182,000 per taxpayer. On top of that, we’re adding trillions more every year, even before factoring in money flushed down the toilet for Covid crap. Gee I wonder why cryptocurrencies, precious metals, and collectibles are becoming such popular investments lately? 🤔

government spending pig debt taxpayer learn live less
for love of god farley biden pelosi stop spending money doesnt exist debt
joe biden what happens print trillions inflation debt
republicans on national debt under obama republicans now

Patch of New Cult

joe biden patch cult forced vaccinations soviet

Quote of the Day

quote muhammed ali impossible just big word thrown around small dare potential

Message of the Day

message everyone goes through destroys see who are

The Fascists in Power Will NEVER Admit They Were Wrong

Sweden Joins List of European Countries Removing All Covid Restrictions
Fauci’s Gain-Of-Function Conspiracy and Why I’ll Continue To Hold Him, His Allies Accountable – Rand Paul
Covid: The Greatest Government Failure in American History – Stephen Moore
Dr. Ashish Jha Took Less Than One Minute To Inadvertently Demolish The Entire Concept Of Forced Masking

No matter how much new research confirms what common sense folks have been saying for 2 years, Fauci, Walensky, Biden, Trudeau, and the rest of the Branch Covidian leaders will NEVER admit that forced masking is useless & destructive. In solid blue states and the majority of school boards, science no longer matters, freedom doesn’t matter, the health & development of our kids doesn’t matter. It’s now only about POWER and EGO. The time for being polite and nice with these people is over!

quote be nice until its time to not be nice dalton swayze

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One thought on “02-05 Politically Incorrect Daily

  1. Don’t forget the estimated $250,000,000,000,000 addition debt from the unfunded liabilities of Social Security, Medicare, and Medicare Part D (a GOP creation by the way).

    And none of their admissions of the truth today about the plannedemic should absolve them of crimes against humanity charges in the future.

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