02-06 Politically Incorrect Daily

Political Memes and Funny Pictures

rappers people in 40s this years superbowl halftime show
players retired too early barry sanders calvin johnson tom brady
monkeys admin tending to traumatized member offensive post
starbucks guy order bueller coffee genius
i got the flu thankful had flu jab said no one ever
spock trusting government 2 years tyranny highly illogical
justin trudeau behind bars jail ability role play come in handy
never ending story child adult masks variant booster
joe biden justin trudeau truckers totalitarian government ahead sign
meanwhile in iran death to america sign bidens got this you go brandon
justin trudeau joe biden nice basement

Social Media Posts of the Day

tweet biology teacher function carbohydrates well sadness
tweet simon whisper in bed cheese toast romance
tweet college gown greasy diner 23 beers
tweet job resumes toysrus manager

Quote of the Day

quote kagan government pays can dictate services kermit told you so

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Justin Trudeau Meme Gallery

Do Not Give a Cent to These Leftist Hacks

GoFundMe Pulls Plug on Canadian Trucker Freedom Convoy Fundraising

No one should be a bit surprised GoFundMe pulled a libertarian-leaning fundraiser. They have a long history of Leftist ideological funding enforcement, including most recently cutting off Kyle Rittenhouse’s ability to raise money for his legal defense. As with the rest of Big Tech Thought Police enforcement, they use cryptic, arbitrary rules in their terms of service that are ALWAYS applied with an anti-Conservative bias. Not one single BLM fundraiser was pulled during the summer of 2020, when “protests” in major cities around the country resulted in burning, looting, and beating anyone who got in the way. GoFundMe is not even refunding all the Freedom Convoy donations. Much of it will be given to “other charities.”

But GoFundMe has a dual role–it’s also a major money laundering organization. For those of you who watched Breaking Bad, do you remember when the lawyer Saul laundered Walter White’s drug money through his cancer charity? The same kind of operation was used to give Christine Blasey Ford her $700,000 GoFundMe payoff for her bullshit story during the Kavanaugh confirmation hearings. Always be weary of so-called charities. They are the easiest legal method of cleaning cash. The Clinton Foundation is another notable example. Read Clinton Cash for more details on that operation.

Research every charity before you give any substantial amount of money. There are almost always better ways to get money in the hands of those who are the supposed beneficiaries.

gofundme bias killed 5 year old ok defended his life taken down

GoFundMe Taking Money Away from Canadian Truckers to Be Redistributed

Burn, Baby, Burn!

Facebook stock down almost 40%! I’m so upset. πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚

superman facebook headquarters burning clark kent
facebook record stock drop bird zuck

Message of the Day

message wrong side history repeats failing open book test

Keep Up the Fight

pawns trapping king queen rook knight corner chess.jpg

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5 thoughts on “02-06 Politically Incorrect Daily

  1. Concerning FB
    The question to really be asking is not how much FB stock lost in value, so called, but β€œwhy?”.
    Not sure how to dig out the information myself but it’s publicly traded and the transactions are on the books somewhere.

    if it was a bunch of common folks divest in themselves of the stock and selling off a few hundred shairs each
    it would be one thing.
    If it was major funds selling to make it look like a common selloff but the beginning of what will turn in the near future to a similar crash that happened 100 years ago give or take, it is another.

  2. For the first time, FB lost users—over 1 million of them. That’s going the wrong way! If they keep pissing off people with their censorship, liberal bias, and “fake checking”, they may lose a lot more.

  3. The entire reason government wants control of something is BECAUSE they want to be able to control everyone. They do not take monopoly control because they think they can do it better….that is just their foot in the door…a lie to sell the tyranny. Once the dollars link back to government (yes, its all just STOLEN from us), the tyranny never ends. That is why vouchers and charter schools are a non-starter from minute one. Once the money is in the hands of the government criminals, their demands will NEVER END. Better to suffer the pain of a complete and total abolition of all government involvement, including the theft from everyone to pay for it, and allow a fully private, competitive marketplace that includes charity schools and private scholarships to fill the need, than to continue pretending that WE control the government and the monies it steals from us.

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