02-07 Politically Incorrect Daily

Political Memes and Funny Pictures

bust for company raise work spiderman
onward squirrel horse buttercup fckery to spread
question how many times excuses me get fck out of way acceptable
condom didnt work properly others refused to wear syphilis syptoms
bart simpson say lone got covid boosters would have been worse
bill gates justin trudeau what fringe minority looks like
justin trudeau wont tolerate those people freedom selfish body not yours join regime
klaus schwab justin trudeau canada nwo reset
socialism boot western youth supporting painting
biden walensky maddow spreading misinformation npc rogan
aoc sign go commies washington commanders
train amateur thieves professionals gofundme

Capitalism: Adapt or Die

vodka lemonade stand support local business

The Only Standards the Left Has – Double Standards

rosanne compare to whoopi color chart cancel culture

30 Liberal Quotes that Would’ve Gotten a Conservative Fired and Crucified

Social Media Posts of the Day

tweet parent nothing prepare father daughter mispronounce peanuts
tweet sorry bored no interests since born
tweet cant work mom labor birthday
tweet dad went lot walks avoid killing whole family
tweet batsht but enemies with benefits

Quote of the Day

quote elon musk wokeness divisive hateful gives mean people shield false virtue

Message of the Day

message not mad anti vaxxers those challenging authority

Other Links That May Interest You

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