02-13 Politically Incorrect Daily

Political Memes and Funny Pictures

every time video call my kid llama
cat hen there can be only one
if dont like covid symptom no taste
superbowl los angeles garcetti must wear mask when not holding your breath
corporate news junkies afraid rabbit covid tiger impending economic collapse
joe biden isnt safe assume voted for biden smoking crack cocaine
joe biden 1 year in nothing built back or better
forrest gump just like that crack safer than ivermectin
joe biden justin trudeau empty shelves truck drivers we did this mandates
new ottawa bag purse gas can horn
joe hunter bidean czar smartest man i know
america rooting superbowl bengals rams truckers

Question of the Day

Over the last two years, can any of you think of one single time when you heard a public official or media personality use the words “misinformation” or “Russian disinformation” cite any actual study or evidence to prove their claim? And it doesn’t count to say another mainstream media outlet or public official “said so.” It’s amazing how much of the world just thoughtlessly nods their heads and goes along with these tired, ridiculous, meaningless terms. Conspiracy Theorist used to be the propagandist weapon of choice for discrediting anyone who challenged them. Now, it’s misinformation and Russian disinformation. It’s time to call people out EVERY SINGLE TIME they wield these attacks.

simpsons hi from cia wmds in iraq cocaine look its the russians
fauci golden book everything dont like misinformation
cnn reliable sources misinformation

New Meme Gallery Added

Bill Gates Meme Gallery

Social Media Posts of the Day

tweet girlfriend rent apartment breakup insurance
tweet mommy superbowl halftime drop like hot prepare
tweet candace owens experts comply lockdowns masks normal conspiracy nwo who do you believe
tweet ottawa emergency circumvent rule law democratic processes

Quote of the Day

quote jfk rights one one man threatened for all

Message of the Day

message truckers no longer time to wake up sheep wake up other lions

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Just for Fun/Non-Political Meme Gallery 12
Justin Trudeau Meme Gallery

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