02-16 Politically Incorrect Daily

Political Memes and Funny Pictures

1980s halftime superbowl revenge nerds sexual chocolate
hamster wheel ran few days hang clothes
baby yoda devil wear didnt lose golden fiddle hillbilly
sign treat people like i want to not talking to them
fairy godmother natural immunity all along
biden dumpster fire government document burn bag
poll inflation immigration pandemic crime biden all of the above
linus charlie brown no one give education overthrow government
babylon bee celebrities high tech invisible masks
trudeau politicians media licking boots
hillary russian hoax boomerang
great narrative collapse 2022 mass psychosis masks useless
babylon bee trudeau orders all geese rounded up shot honking solidarity with truckers
leslie stahl 60 minutes no real evidence of spying on trump campaign by hillary

Social Media Posts of the Day

tweet makary natural immunity study censored linkedin
tweet massive last 2 years demo why government shouldnt run health care

Sieg Heil

trudeau going after crowdfunding cryptocurrencies freezing accounts

Trudeau’s Government Goes Nuclear in Attempt to Crush Canadian Truckers

justin trudeau freezing accounts legal immunity
tweet trudeau el salvador canada freedom lectures credibility now worth zero
youtube gets it right justin trudeau mustache
babylon bee trudeau canada first galactic empire

U.S. Likely Voters Support Trucker Protest 59%-33%

Messages of the Day

arlington soldiers what happens not living up what they died for
message normal not coming back get off knees what planned worse

Quote of the Day

quote snowden politics lesser of two evils still evil

Random Thoughts of the Day

Rush Limbaugh used to talk about something he called the Limbaugh Echo Syndrome. He would say something on his show. Mainstream media outlets would repeat it or write about it. Those viewers & readers would share and discuss. And the words would keep echoing throughout the country and world. The echo effect not only applies to him but many influential people. I, nor anyone reading this blog, are ever likely to have a platform like a Limbaugh, Tucker Carlson, or Rachel Maddow. However, in today’s world, it doesn’t take much to have the same effect.

If you post a meme, maybe 10 people like or share it, but then followers of those 10 may like and share. Then, the effect ripples out in geometric fashion. Maybe eventually you reach an influential celebrity, teacher, journalist, CEO, or some other person with a large audience. Suddenly, your small post has the same kind of Limbaugh Echo effect. You’re more influential than you’ll ever know. Look around the world–protests & resistance to Covid tyranny is taking hold. Soft-spoken parents and students are taking a stand. Political views by demographic are shifting dramatically, with self-identified Democrats and socialists shrinking every day. Every one of you is making a difference. Feel free to steal & share anything from this website, or develop your own material in whatever platform you have available.

One tip on posting–try to limit your posts to a few per day. It’s fine to post a ton on pages specifically set up for sharing memes, but if you post too much on a common personal news feed, you’re likely to get unfollowed by many, even among those who like your posts. You’re simply crowding out posts from other friends & family that they want to see without several minutes of scrolling.

Some of you may be hesitant to post at all because you figure most people are set in their political views. For the most part, you’re probably correct, but it’s amazing how much the Ruling Class tyranny of the past two years has opened minds and transformed views. And remember, even if you don’t change a single person’s mind, you’re still letting other sensible, common sense folks out there know that THEY ARE NOT ALONE!

stolen memes in wild getting 10x more likes
shrink fauci tissues mandates ending losing control

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4 thoughts on “02-16 Politically Incorrect Daily

  1. Some memes just have be ‘stolen’, they’re that good.

    I was at Quora a few hours ago. The question (basically): “Why do Republicans hate AOC”?

    I asked if someone could post a copy of the meme with AOC walking down the street, big smile, “Good news, my IQ test came back negative”.

    Someone did within 30 minutes. A real classic.

    (Poor memory: it’s “Great” and “tests”)

  2. Great “Random Thoughts”!
    I like to share the memes you post with my family. Think I’m going to branch out!

  3. The content in Snowden’s quote of off. Political parties does NOT tell decent people their choice is between lesser of two evils. That may be the truth, buy Political Parties are into manipulation, not truth. Each political party tries to convince decent people that THEY are to good people and the other party is evil.
    Example: Nancy Pelosi’s recent political ad claims in next election “Democracy itself at stake.” Fear mongering. Vote for Nancy or our Democracy will end.
    Total BS.
    1. USA Federal Government is a Constitutional Republic…not a Democracy.
    2. Democrats have corrupted the word ‘Democracy’. Their meaning of ‘Democracy’ is their socialist agenda. See how that works….if you don’t support the Democrat’s socialist programs you are then against Democracy and bad person.
    Again, Total simple minded BS

  4. There will be a USATF Road Race in Atlanta on Feb. 26th. To run in the USATF race you must have a negative Covid test within 3 days of the race. The race will include just a few hundred 40+ runners both male and female. The USATF race will be run in conjunction with the Atlanta Track Club race on the same day with several thousand runners of all ages. The ATC race does not require a negative test or even proof of vaccination. HOWEVER. ALL runners can go to an EXPO in the Aquarium to pick up their race numbers. ATC runners (plus family and friends) will mingle with USATF runners for hours looking at vendor products offered. Both races will use the same 5K course but the ATC runners start 5 minutes before the ATC race. These are two separate races with the old USATF runners get a 5 minute head start. Faster ATC runners will soon catch slower USATF runners and pass by many inches apart. The USATF powers that be don’t understand how ridiculous their negative test requirement is. I suspect that runners are probably less at risk than non-runners and if any do have symptoms of COVID they will stay home. USATF needs to butt out of protecting us from COVID and let us be responsible for ourselves.

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