02-17 Politically Incorrect Daily

Political Memes and Funny Pictures

therapist get in touch with inner child damien omen
people afraid pitbulls demonic little shits
girl long impressive whip out lord of rings trilogy
did mandates work no lets do it all over again
workers of world unite truckers honk put in handcuffs slash tires
barber liberal woman offended by everything
people oppose government run healthcare poorly educated who runs education
3 percent raise inflation 7.5 crossouts thumbs up
babylon bee biden announces economic recovery tank manufacturers
durham hillary hired tech company dig up dirt trump what difference

People Are Starting to Wake Up

‘This Could Cost Him His Job’: Truckers, Mandates Absolutely Crushing Trudeau, Poll Shows
San Francisco Voters Succeed in Ousting 3 Progressive School Board Members

democrats covid mandates 2022 elections americans chasing
tweet wasn’t mental crises side effects business closures polls politics

Social Media Posts of the Day

tweet mandate drop not good enough deconstruct technocratic totalitarian one world government
tweet must duty leader serve people
tweet tulsi gabbard biggest threat democracy power elite mainstream media

Two No-Nos: Telling the Truth and Quoting Liberals’ Own Words

tweet defiant ls account suspended twitter

Twitter Suspends Defiant L’s Account, Best Known for Quoting Liberal Hypocrisy

The Cluelessness of These People Knows No Bounds

tweet cardona love teaching 6 words smile on students face

Biden’s Education Secretary Steps on Rake with Tweet About Students

Quote of the Day

quote churchill you have enemies means you stood up for something in your life

Message of the Day

message some people big money house others want cabin away from people

Other Links That May Interest You

CDC’s Unchanged Mask Policy Blasted as a ‘Total Clown Show’
How Fact Checking Is Controlled and Faked – The Free Thought Project
Biden’s Afghanistan Debacle Looks Worse and Worse – David Harsanyl
25 Arguments Against Perpetual Mask Mandates for Covid
10 Reasons for the Labor Shortage and Some Solutions to Fix It

5 thoughts on “02-17 Politically Incorrect Daily

  1. In the 1920s into the 1930s, this country was plagued by the stupidity of alcohol prohibition. Organized crime was rampant, police and judges were corrupted by the money, 100 times more “speakeasies” were operating in NYC than were bars prior to the ban, innocent people were dying in the streets either from government-adulterated liquor (yes, they really did that), or violence between, rival gangs. Prohibition was an obvious failure to everyone. But none of that played a role in ending it. What ended it was the greed on the part of state governors and legislatures who were desperate to get back all of the alcohol sales tax revenue they lost to the black market during the government-created economic depression that had also enveloped the nation. Once again, not because of concern for the people, but concern for monies and power.

  2. Sociopaths and such collect power. Conservatives often let them, need to be more aware.

    For example, corporations, the relatively new invention.

    As long as corporations are still legal, collectivists will keep winning. This modern method of circumventing normal capitalism destroys both government by bribes etc, and the economy by destroying actual capitalistic businesses.

    Waiting for Jesus, since nothing less than WWIII or Jesus has any hope of defeating the entrenched foes. They literally control almost everything.

    • 1Perer 4:17 “For the time is come that judgment must begin at the house of God: and if it first begin at us, what shall the end be of them that obey not the gospel of God?”

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