02-18 Politically Incorrect Daily

Political Memes and Funny Pictures

amazon warehouse 3 left in stock simpsons
kids want attention cry dovato aliens offensive
common sense online death certificate for you else
facui masks kept on smoking crack hole
most annoying little bitch on earth meets with thunberg trudeau
time maganize put this btch in prison hillary
tyrannical leftist how repeating every covid policy work now
putin xi un china russia north korea phone trudeau dictator
hillary durham campaign bleach bit shedding

Social Media Posts of the Day

tweet fitton should us sanction canada for human rights abuses
tweet real war not ukraine canada australia just want look other way
tweet bassler vaccine doesnt prevent infection personal choice

In Case You Thought These Leftwing Hacks Cared in the Least About Civil Liberties

aclu virgina sides school forced masking

question have you noticed how quiet aclu has been lately
communist founders of aclu baldwin frankfurter muste foster

Totally Unpredictable Pronouncement from the King of Ass Clowns

tweet fauci 4th covid show requirement

Fauci: Future Requirement for 4th Covid Shot Being Monitored in Real Time

Communist Front & Money Laundering Operation

Amazon Drops BLM from Charity Platform After Scrutiny in Finances & Donation Destinations

megamerger radical left blm antifa corporate america delta coke mlb wall street
upcoming books bernie millions socialism blm founder marxist khan cullors
when blm founder patrisse cullors feels sad drying tears cash

Black Lives Matter (BLM) Meme Gallery

Don’t Give Up the Fight

quebec drops coronvirus mandates after rejecting trudeau emergency decrees
truckers washington delaware crossing

Justin Trudeau Meme Gallery

On a separate note in the war against the Ruling Class, here is how much some of the Big Tech companies are down off their 52-week highs:

Twitter: -55%
Facebook: -46%
Oracle: -29%
Amazon: -18%
Microsoft: -17%
Google: -13%

…and for more good news:

Pfizer: -21%
Moderna: -70%

Quote of the Day

quote public education conformity freedom choice

Message of the Day

message conditioned mass media blame citizens for problems government created

Other Links That May Interest You

Another Airline Found a Passenger’s Mask Offensive…They Went Full Gestapo on Him
Wholesale Prices Jump 9.7% in January
Big Government and Socialism Meme Gallery

5 thoughts on “02-18 Politically Incorrect Daily

  1. EVERY problem we have ever faced can be traced back to a government policy, action, or “solution.” They have either caused the problem or worsened the problem all while claiming to solve the problem. Government is the problem.

  2. Message of The Day:
    The “government” is the consent of the governed. Anyone supporting the corrupt system of the current “government” should be blamed.

  3. Emergency powers that last more than 24 hours (to get civil govt decisions) should not exist, ever.

    The very concept is “When problem, tyranny. When is that? When we say.”

    The very concept needs to be abolished.

    We can put it on the list of 20-20 hindsight, like term limits” and “no corporations” and of course “legal means to stop clear propaganda”.

    We are learning, too little too late probably.

  4. Think back to 98 as in 1798 the Kentucky resolutions and the principles of 98
    this occurred because the camel stuck his nose in the tent and in those days they were men in this land and they threw the camel out
    those men soon died and the camel’s nose came back in then the head then the neck
    there were still men to slow the camel’s advanced but they were too few.
    Today the entire camel is inside and the few men that are left are outside and those who welcomed the camel are inside with him.
    Those outside are slowly recruiting those inside to come out as they explain why the tent stinks so.
    Perhaps someday there will be enough on the outside to starve the camel.

  5. Another crazy and real story. I’m 8 months pregnant and I’ve being going to the same obgyn for the last 7 months and lately every week. Usually I wear a mask of my own based on their policy. Last time I went and I didn’t have a mask. The girl upfront asked me to put a mask on or to buy one from them for $1. And I said I don’t have one but I will wear one if they give it to me but she insisted to pay $1 and I told her I don’t think is right because I’ve spent so much money there is ridiculous. Another employee there said if I don’t pay $1 for the mask I have to leave and reschedule my appointment…and almost agree with me to take my business ‘belly’ somewhere else from what I was telling her in a sarcastic way. This is our healthcare customer service for pregnant women…just saying. During the argument the doctor’s nurse came and told them to give me a ‘free’ mask…

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