02-21 Politically Incorrect Daily

Political Memes and Funny Pictures

know someone kids hate them music box
dog why putting dog treats near bathtub
dont know if ever complete someone driving batsht crazy doable
democrats chickens home to roost mandates border crt masks biden collusion hillary
men from mars women venus other genders uranus
imagine dragged into another world war because circle europe happened again
philadelphia out of business ending vaccine mandate indoor dining
castro mao stalin trudeau could be our son stomping freedom emergency powers act
grasvestones biden harris election signs
liberals cnn twitter msnbc abolish bail police bust trucker heads lock up for life

In Case You Missed It

Jeffrey Epstein’s Pal Jean-Luc Brunel Hung Himself Despite SIX Prison Patrols & Being Under Near Constant Watch

Ghislaine Maxwell’s ‘Fears For Her Safety’ After Jean-Luc Brunel Prison Death

tweet trump jr epstin luc brunel cameras not working cell
maxwell best customers still running sht show

FYI: Facebook is currently running a purge of Hillary murder/suicide memes, so don’t be surprised if any new ones are either taken down or “fact” checked.

Justin Trudeau’s Canada In One Picture

little girl pushing army cops canada

“Emergency” Now 2+ Years and Counting

Don’t forget that it’s not just Trudeau….
Biden extends state of Emergency in US amid ongoing Covid-19 pandemic

quote if you let government break law emergency will create to do so
normies how conspiracy theorists keep predicting future

Social Media Posts of the Day

tweet bring back cheap gas apartments chinese food
tweet police blockade more disruptive than freedom convoy
tweet 15 days slow spread fired if dont get jab freeze bank accounts if protest

Quote of the Day

quote dave smith basic human liberties pharma government shielded liability

Message of the Day

message trucking schools producing better citizens than colleges

Other Links That May Interest You

DOJ Touts New Cryptocurrency Crackdown Team – Katie Pavlich
Washington Post Quietly Admits Masks Didn’t Work
Modeling Agent Suspected of Recruiting Underage Girls for Epstein Found Hanged in Prison Cell
Kermit the Frog Meme Gallery
Hillary Clinton Meme Gallery

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