02-22 Politically Incorrect Daily

Political Memes and Funny Pictures

texts send dunes nudes tusken raiders
sign were sorry said no cat ever vet
karma professionalism silent enjoy show minion
joe biden justin trudeau dumb dumber
joe biden let them eat crack dress
democrats lockdowns economy education drugs depression suicides polls
durham blind justice media no hillary scandal
young frankenstein abby normal aoc brain
golden state california wrapped police crime tape
olympic swimmer years grueling workouts to finish second trans
babylon bee canadian atm how asks political views before withdrawing cash
truckers no right shut down economy prevent people living lives only i do

Social Media Posts of the Day

tweet mommy son dramatic changed wifi password
tweet made 150k trading coin loan dad
tweet epstein fbi clients donate to freedom convoy

Gee, Who Could Have Predicted That?!

Blockades Over, But Trudeau Says Emergency Powers Still Needed

lotr justin trudeau why shouldnt i keep emergency powers

And Just Like That, Her Movie Career Is Over

Evangeline Lilly Begs Justin Trudeau to Listen to Anti-Vaxx Protesters

As If We Needed Another Reason to Mistrust the CDC

Literacy Advocate Highlights CDC’s ‘Fishy’ Changes to Early Childhood Development Section

In other words, CDC’s forced-masking of kids has majorly fucked up speech & language development for millions of kids, but to cover this up, they’re lowering the standards that measure satisfactory childhood development. It isn’t much different from when they changed PCR test thresholds and hospitalizations/deaths with Covid vs because of Covid. Isn’t that what real “scientists” do? When the numbers don’t show what you like, change how they’re measured? 🤔

cdc center to deceive and control

Never Stop Fighting for Those Who Can’t Fight for Themselves

second grade picture wear no mask hope dream

Quote of the Day

quote nothing strengthens authority more than silence da vinci

Message of the Day

message warning passports mandates climate inflation energy rationing

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