02-26 Politically Incorrect Daily

Political Memes and Funny Pictures

can never tell dog knock knock joke barking
pantene shampoo bottle hold long ready
dogs owner rescue waiting wife shoe store
cut hunter biden balls off truth social allow
tom jerry nato russia paddle ukraine
joe biden dont know how run country point afraid ask
trudeau support local thought police too much think
justrin trudeau napolean emergency powers temporary
biden blinken russian china iran north korea bent over position work world
cant decide crosses stakes kit democrats or vampires
kamala harris biden putin economic ruining economy experts
russia supplying bouncy castles cbc canadian broadcasting
explosions no more mean tweets jill joe biden

Ban Him from the Internet!

bill gates virus omicron type vaccine b t cell immunity

What?! That sounds like natural immunity! Misinformation! Misinformation! Conspiracy Theorist!!!!

Social Media Posts of the Day

tweet if accept vaccine castrate any medical procedure
tweet justin trudeau pay groceries frozen ccounts dictatorship logistics
tweet dont want high gas prices ukraine employed crack smoking son
tweet biden stopping russian pipeline sanction cripple economy keystone good for usa

Potential WW III Isn’t a Time to Halt Propaganda Blitz

facebook foxnews john kerry climate change russia

Did you notice that Facebook has begun it’s Thought Policing of anything climate related, putting the same kind of “info” centers as with anything Covid-related? Naturally, whether it’s Covid or climate change, real science is about banning all viewpoints except for what a few 20-somethings in California with man-buns have established as the current “settled science.”

Quote of the Day

quote lifemello dont be afraid being outnumbered eagles fly alone pigeons flock together

Messages of the Day

message money bank one state emergency away from being governments money
trump remember 4 years without war

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4 thoughts on “02-26 Politically Incorrect Daily

  1. Meme asks in holy stake kit is for Vampires or Democrats. Is there a difference?
    Either way, I want one of those kits!!!

    • The kit is obviously for hunting vampires since it has stakes to drive through hearts and Democrats are completely devoid of both hearts and souls, otherwise they wouldn’t be as evil as they are.

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