02-27 Politically Incorrect Daily

Political Memes and Funny Pictures

cop taser ladyshaver work
harry meghan hairdresser mirror layers
flying spirit airline you all equally worthless
me and boys selling oil door to door wwiii kickoff
ceos new prices inflation addition board
babylon bee john kerry emergency airdrop solar panels ukraine
scavenger hunt city find biden harris bumper sticker
homer bart simpson summer normal wwiii
media cheerleaders trudeau tyranny doxxing
joe biden toe to toe biden behind gym 1980s calling
road sign ramp blame biden russia media inflation supply chain gas prices
babylon bee biden warns russia will deploy trans admiral
behold new sanctions gas prices hurt russia
biden face country launders money invaded by russia

Social Media Posts of the Day

tweet simon costco 931 already lost.jpg
tweet any alcohol pairs with teenager attitude
tweet hillary clinton bart simpson next person send

Gold Standard Pandemic Response: Jack-Booted Tyranny

Bill Gates: Australia Provided Model Blueprint for Pandemic Response

australia copying 1930s germany

Bill Gates Meme Gallery

At Least He Didn’t Tell His Followers to ‘Peacefully Let Your Voices Be Heard’

tweet president russia accounts invaded whole country not banned tech overlords

Proud Owner of Them All

facebook campaign ban prison veteran

I don’t go on Facebook much, but I maintain an account because it’s the only way to keep contact with half my friends & family. I post sporadically under the ever watchful eye of the Thought Police. I was just given 60 days in Facebook jail from this two-year-old post:

hillary clint facebook removed post 2020 hotline

…on the SAME day this happened: Jeffrey Epstein’s pal Jean-Luc Brunel hung himself despite SIX prison patrols & being under near constant watch

10 Steps to Get Friends & Family Off of Facebook/Twitter and On To MeWe, Parler, and other Alternative Social Media

Just to Review: We Wasted 4 Years On This Nonsense

Trump Russia Investigation Meme Gallery

tweet libertarians diligently plotting putin trump elected biden ukraine

Pelosi Says It’s Important to ‘Understand the Brilliance’ of Biden’s Response to Russian Invasion of Ukraine

Eric Swalwell Says ‘Kicking Every Russian Student’ Out of the U.S. Should Be ‘On the Table’

Quote of the Day

quote pj orourke heart liberalism spoiled child

Message of the Day

message americans should be more concerned canada than ukraine lisa simpson

Other Links That May Interest You

As Gas Prices Soar, White House Sticks to Climate Change Agenda – Katie Pavlich
Media Allergic To The ‘So-Called Freedom Convoy’ – Tim Graham
Long Overdue: Kyle Rittenhouse Announces Lawsuit Against Lebron James
Bill Gates Meme Gallery

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