03-01 Politically Incorrect Daily

Political Memes and Funny Pictures

white claw lime ghost reveal scooby zima
dog cat feeding owner god
bj tournament sign march madness
where see yourself 5 years bear survivalist
adding government stories calculator lies
bush georgia obama crimea trump nothing biden ukraine
joe biden check engine brain
sign would biden pay attention southern border trucker wall
joe biden no one needs ar15 ukraine
john kerry war is hell for the climate
babylon bee biden daring mission rescue hunter ukraine cash
want cashless society silence dissenters emperor now understand
war wipes news durham convoy covid primaries
joe biden responds taking out us energy production ukraine

Social Media Posts of the Day

tweet say no kids if youre good hal
tweet age rude ibuprofen if not enough everyone
tweet too powerful if mentally stable

What Happens When You Surrender Objectivity for Propaganda & Narratives

tweet catturd dont know ukraine our ukraine russian media corrupt

Quote of the Day

quote prather justin trudeau living example never grant power weak men

Still China’s Bitch

Biden Justice Department Ends National Security Initiative Aimed at Curbing China Spying, Intellectual Property Theft

china holding joe biden on leash kneeling mask
russia ukraine taiwan china sharks

China Meme Gallery

Message of the Day

message usa free republic constitution not mob rule democracy

Other Links That May Interest You

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Capitol Mask Mandate Conveniently Lifted Just in Time for Biden’s SOTU
Political Correctness & Censorship Meme Gallery 3

One thought on “03-01 Politically Incorrect Daily

  1. Patriots in the USA, and Russia, were the big hindrances to the New/Nazi world order.

    Yes, there will be a US-Russian war. The Nazi’s need us to die.

    On the good side, a faith in Jesus means an eternally better life than this world has to offer anyway.

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