03-02 PIC SOTU Daily (Bonus)

Political Memes and Funny Pictures

joe biden state of union sotu this is fine fire
people watching slur of the union biden airports meme makers
closed captioning biden state of union address ben affleck smoking
washington post less americans know ukraine location better biden iranian
kamala harris face you make gas pump
joe biden sotu state of union weak energy disaster mandates open border ukraine

Completely Clueless

tweet releasing strategic oil unleash american oil

how high gas willie nelson snoop going to get cheech chong

Joe Biden Meme Gallery 4

You Can’t Be in The Club

joe biden elon musk electric vehicles tesla

It doesn’t matter how much you do for their sacred “climate change.” The slightest libertarian leanings or speaking out against Ruling Class absolute control will get you banned from The Club.

Definitely Picked for Her Intellect, Not Her Color or Gender

kamala harris quote ukraine russia explanation

Kamala Harris Meme Gallery

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