03-02 Politically Incorrect Daily

Political Memes and Funny Pictures

dog wife husband times wagged tail faked it
patch millenial retirement plan societal collapse
rainbow pot gold cookie cutter
memers preparing get everyone through world war 3
family calls you crazy right all along
shrek please no global crisis 5 minutes
john kerry how dare russia invade ukraine without electric vehicles
gas pump stick up just robbed by grocery store
8 million americans slipped poverty government cliff
joe biden cant get opec more oil check texas oklahoma alaska
world is stage trudeau gates boris putin joe biden queen
joe biden start war russia winter polls
john kerry stop climate change distracting ukraine

Just Don’t Admit You Were Wrong

Study: Pfizer Vaccine Just 12 Percent Effective in Kids 5-11

russian military ukrainians no ottawa police canadians

It Worked So Well for Covid

Facebook, Twitter Remove Russian ‘Disinformation’ Accounts
Youtube Bans Ads from RT, Other Russian News Outlets
Facebook and TikTok Ban Russian Media in Europe

Nothing builds credibility and kills conspiracy theories like banning those who might tell another side of the story, right? 🙄

I get it–the Russian government lies and spreads disinformation. We all know this. They’ve been regularly spreading false propaganda in the West since the days of Lenin. But when you ban them, it just makes people wonder what you’re hiding. And even if it is mostly lies, when will the Ruling Class figure out we are not children that need to be protected from ideas by their appointed Thought Police?

npc brain remove covid ukraine angry media

So Glad My Tax Money Is Well Spent 🙄

FEMA: In a Nuclear Attack, Make Sure You Continue Covid Masking & Social Distancing

cdc dont forget mask during nuclear attack skeleton

Social Media Posts of the Day

tweet millennials zoomers wwiii gen x nuclear
tweet world learning weak men hard times biden trudeau
tweet dentist appointment see how wwiii ends
tweet catturd border all project 6 billion ukraine

Quote of the Day

quote ben franklin ignorance not shame unwillingness to learn

Message of the Day

message government is organized crime

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