03-03 Politically Incorrect Daily

Political Memes and Funny Pictures

girls vs guys am i fat
cat party same shirt
mickey mouse sex robot ahead of time
millennials words hurt everyone born 1995 blazing saddles
when did freedom become dog whistle
remember inflation blamed on ukraine media cnn abc nbc cbs msnbc
sign language interpreter reaction biden matches americas
joe biden warroom warn beat up corn pop
mass formation psychosis only works with fear covid ukraine
who wont have accounts seized congress rich from insider trading
joe biden state of union dumpster fire

Social Media Posts of the Day

tweet pollution plenty fish trash dating
tweet kids resilient therapy childhood issues
tweet tik tok autocorrect to youre 40
tweet internet was fun monitoring real time collapse humanity
tweet covid ends in time for sotu address
tweet us worldwide oil consumption strategic reserve nothing

Ron DeSantis 2022 CPAC Speech

A lot could change before 2024, but so far here is my top presidential candidate. No candidate is ever going to be perfect, and I’m sure a few of you will nitpick in the comments, but DeSantis seems to hit the right note on the most issues of any of the candidates I’ve seen so far. He has a proven track record going against the media, Big Tech, and the Establishment. He seems to have the same fight as Trump without the divisiveness and constant lashing out. I have no doubt Trump could beat Biden or Hillary, but the election should be a slam dunk. With DeSantis, it probably would be. With Trump, it’d probably be another nail biter. But again, it’s 2+ years away. A lot could change.

Link: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=f0Ba47MLw14

Lesson of the Day

why shouldnt invade america map

Quote of the Day

quote justin trudeau some what of a dictator myself putin

Message of the Day

message nothing in world more dangerous idiot thinks hes genius trudeau

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7 thoughts on “03-03 Politically Incorrect Daily

  1. Ref. the Random Thought. Before we can really look at 2024 we need a major turn-around in Congress from the mid-terms. Enough of a turn-around to override Presidential vetoes, to limit the amount of damage the current administration could do in the two years following those elections.

  2. Agree 100% with Graham. Providing the trash gets taken out in the midterms, there will be a shot at a fair election in 2024.
    Trump has the momentum; DeSantis would win hands-down if Trump didn’t run and endorsed DeSantis. I agree that DeSantis is less divisive; he also has more experience in the “arena”. Trump is a loose cannon (which is why I love him!) that makes decisions he thinks are best, relying on trusted advisors. Unfortunately, most of the “trusted advisors” turned out to be turncoats.
    DeSantis is revered in Florida (where I live). Unless a governor of equal stature was able to step up, I’d be loathe to see him go to DC. Yes, I’m selfish.
    I guess we need to survive the Ukraine gaslighting and all the crap the Dems/NWO/Progressives are throwing at us first. Time will tell; dig in, it’s gonna be a rough ride!

  3. Actually releasing the oil reserves will do something. Leave us vulnerable in a time of war when our supply lines are cut.

    Biden decimated our energy production. We buy some oil from Russia 7%, our enemy of the day. We are primed to fall. That’s assuming Biden doesn’t start a nuclear war with Russia and it all becomes moot.

  4. Agree 100% regarding De Santis. DJT paved the way and I’m grateful, but De Santis won’t alienate independents and minorities with his personality. He’s solid, likeable, and unafraid of the left.

  5. The problem with another Trump presidency is that he can only serve 4 more years then we’ll be facing the same problem as we are now. Ron De Santis is a better choice simply for the fact that he could potentially be in office for 8 years if re-elected in 2028 (and assuming the dumb-o-craps don’t cheat again).

    • Howdy Steve.

      So we need Trump in Washington in a position that has no term limits.

      Let’s say he runs for a seat in the House in the coming mid-terms and is elected. These elections should result in a House majority for the Republicans. Trump is voted in as Speaker of the House. Do you think that democrats might be a trifle miffed?

      (Not about to happen, but I can dream about it can’t I.)

      • This is actually a way that Trump could be president again before 2024. Republican’s win majority, Trump is voted in as Speaker of the House, Republican’s impeach Biden and Harris and Trump will be third in line and be sworn in as President.

        It does sound like a nice dream 🙂

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