03-08 Politically Incorrect Daily

Political Memes and Funny Pictures

if i own restaurant stupid question charge
take life one step at a time steps ice snow
desk sale boomer bomb shelter
cow eating burger plant based
neck me after 24 months shaking head narrative
simpsons turn off cash russia independent thought alarm
biden pelosi science politics has change
buzz lightyear dine fcked it all up
sign made it through 2020 and 2021 welcome to 1939
lisa simpson dumping russian vokda french fries freedom
npc msnbc thank you outrage has been updated
biden answers questions russian invasion ukraine ice cream
liberal cdc take off mask desantis
people if it saves 1 life last two years to war
kamala harris procrastinate book report ukraine country in europe
babylon been putin wears xi mask so companies stop boycotting

Social Media Posts of the Day

tweet waiter drink needs fcking margarita listening
tweet sht together pumpkin carcass st patricks day
tweet russia cnn youporn facebook coke healthist country planet
tweet zelensky good guy soros clinton biden bush cnn obama kinzinger pelosi trudeau
tweet covid hiatus summer 2020 blm rioting political science evolve again

Some Will NEVER Give Up Their Power/Virtue Signaling/Security Face Diaper

NYC School Children Won’t Be Free of Mask Mandates After All
It’s Past Time For The Travel Mask Mandate To End, But Will It? – Scott Morefield

congress maskless party worlds largest nursing home

Quote of the Day

quote joker not here to fit into your world build my own

Message of the Day

message were all in this psyop together

Other Links That May Interest You

CNN Deciding to Stop Broadcasting in Russia Has Drawn Some Likely Very Unintended Reactions
You Get What You F-ing Deserve: California Gas Sets All-Time Record
75 Types of Taxes You Pay the Government

3 thoughts on “03-08 Politically Incorrect Daily

  1. Bingo bam on the little slam

    Take whomever you believe is part the cabal Joe performs Kabuki for …
    Check out their portfolios for commodities, oil stocks, defense industry holdings … and why not big pharma.

    See if patterns are presented. Are they being enriched? Was netting Putin in too deep a political ploy, or a self-enriching, quite sociopathic gambit?

    I want to know why an easily avoidable war with minimal statecraft was allowed or enticed. And: Who is cashing in?

  2. This is an alert. I cannot access this site without disabling my VPN. I don’t know why, but it doesn’t sound right to me. I don’t know if others experience this.

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