03-09 Politically Incorrect Daily

Political Memes and Funny Pictures

kids 2050 2019 2022 history test
nine letter word intoxicated shtfaced
dieting tip fill up gas cant afford food
biden russia oil dollars ukraine dont ever give up
allowing businesses reopen not creating new jobs change my mind
putin arrest fake news cnn fleeing
pray for ukraine wait kenosha blm
beavis butthead cccp ccp tshirts
that 70s show biden russia inflation gas prices
shining gold mask up restaurant 700 days 2 weeks slow spread
great reset covid 19 war economic crisis train
nancy pelosi stock companies coming world war
peter principle kamala harris responsibility incompetence

Wokeness Priorities

tweet major nfl suspensions rice peterson hardy ridley gordon

And don’t even get me started on the fines/suspensions of healthy players who visited a restaurant or didn’t wear a mask or during the season.

Note: the Ray Rice suspension eventually was increased, but only after video emerged of Rice hitting and dragging his knocked-out-cold girlfriend off an elevator. Beaten women–ho hum, whatever. Bad PR look for the NFL–OUTRAGE!

Social Media Posts of the Day

tweet indoor masks ignore guidance office turntables
tweet bassler covid gaslighting manipulation government pharma wake up millions
tweet candace owens shutdowns masks punishing dissidents fear dictatorship east have to pass

Don’t Worry, It’s Transitory

commodity price changes over last year oil gas wheat corn lumber

Brainwashed-Induced Hysteria vs. Real Science

Seattle Teachers Union Argues for Continuation of Mask Mandates Until May to Maintain a Sense of ‘Normalcy’

Florida Will Advise Against COVID-19 Vaccines for Children

masks required in school teachers union cover parents eyes

They’re Not Even Trying to Hide Their Plans

Link: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=6G3nWyoQ5CQ

Quote of the Day

quote albert einstein blind belief authority greatest enemy of truth

Message of the Day

message only government forcibly extracting money still bankrupt

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7 thoughts on “03-09 Politically Incorrect Daily

  1. In regards to the comment Candace made concerning people being forced to accept the jab …… Let’s get something straight …. No one was forced except those held down at nursing homes or who got it while they were unconscious and could not refuse.
    The rest were simply out and out snuckered or decided it was the lesser of two evils or it was the convenient thing to do so they could be seen as a team player or travel or not wear a mask.

    Those of us who stood firm and brave have paid the price forced on us by those of you who took the shot and insisted on us wearing a mask we stood firm and said not no but hell no.

    We are reaping the benefits of being stronger men and women knowing that in this little thing we have stood firm in our convictions.
    For those who made the choice to get the shot be mature enough to admit it was your choice, deal with the consequences, and prepare yourself for the future.
    We will all have bigger choices to make in the future that will have far greater consequences.

    • If you want to talk trash, prove what you sacrificed? Because a lot of people didn’t have a choice for a lot of different real life reasons. The only way you could have done what you claim would have been to abdicate all of your responsibilities to someone else. That doesn’t sound like a martyr to me.

      Don’t mean to offend. Just an observation.

      • I left my career of 22 years after my religious exemption application was denied. Mine was the only one I knew of in a large company that boasted of approving over 93% of them, but then again I was the most vocal against the coming mandate.
        I lost 30% of my income and all benefits when I went to work for a small business, but hey no one forced me, right? Dumbass.

        • Did you take your retirement? I am betting you did. You are private sector and the rules were different. I have 19+ with the Feds. Can’t get the full retirement until I pass 20. The courts never made a ruling in regards to Fed employees and we were mandated to get the shot by late November. The process for medical and religious exemptions was set up to deny those exemptions. But continued employment was not an option if you refused, you were terminated and lost everything. If you quit, it would be noted as “in lieu of termination”. I have a family I am responsible for and am far too old to start over as I am retiring this year. So if you were in the same situation and got terminated, I would definitely say you were a dumbass to do so. If I had 20 years in already, I would have left my job as well, just like you. That’s not a big sacrifice and we both know it.

  2. I made no claims of retirement or termination. I sacrificed nothing, I had no option to stay on once my exemption was denied. I was targeted by management because I spoke out early and often regarding the suppressed information about the mRNA vaxxines.

    I was the sacrifice. My career was sacrificed, not by me but by my employer.

    I am grateful for the job I have (in lieu of a career I lost) but the hit has been very hard. I don’t even lament the loss in income so much as the lost benefits.

    But at the end of the day, my wife is proud of me for my stance. My friends and family are proud of me. Finding the hill you are willing to die on is a very liberating thing indeed.

    Sorry to hear you’re “too old”. My 82 year old uncle builds stone walls by hand now that his days of being a painter are over.

    • Count your blessings. You may live a long life like your father. Mine died at 63. He lost both legs to diabetes, had multiple strokes and died from heart failure. My mother died at 69. She survived 2 bouts with breast cancer and one with colon cancer. She had heart problems and had a congenital valve defect the required open heart surgery. She succumbed to colon cancer at 69. I’ve beaten back diabetes, and survived aneurisms, 4 strokes, and severe peripheral and coronary artery diseases (7 surgeries to reopen things so far). Genetics say I am not likely to reach 70. My 3 brothers have similar problems. So when I say I am too old, I mean I am too old to go another 20 years plus working to take care of my family (probably just 5-10). My wife will likely live another 25-30 based on her family tree (and will need that income to get by). So the responsible thing for me to do, was exactly what I did. I figured if the vaccine was going to shorten my life it wouldn’t be by very much. Meanwhile, she is not vaccinated. But I assumed the responsibility to make that happen for her. She incidentally lost a child to a “safe vaccine” and was very afraid.

      Again, I would say if you were in my situation, you would pretty much have to do the same. So no, not everyone had an equal opportunity to refuse the vaccine mandate. Nor should they be criticized for their situation.

      • TL;DR. You lost me at the assumption regarding my father’s long life. He too passed at 64 diabetic and heart disease.

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