03-11 Politically Incorrect Daily

Political Memes and Funny Pictures

dogs pretend bark nothing drive owners crazy
restaurants providing benefits hand job
thinking other girls geio scoop there it is
everyone no drive 2 weeks flatten curve
willie nelson snoop hunter biden gas prices
babylon bee buttigieg gas prices 6 ifgure government job unlimited parental leave
us joe biden apple pie american
biden wrath sanctions disney putin next oil payment due
bablylon bee media spike myocarditis linked to ukraine
drowning citizens struggling buy gas buttigieg buy electric vehicle
starting war hoping you forget crimes during scamdemic

Free Your Mind

For the record, I trust none of the media nor government pronouncements on either side. The Russians and Chinese have put out manipulative propaganda backed by state-run media, so they obviously cannot be trusted. But are Western democracies any better? For decades I’ve generally always believed “our side” because we had a free press and free flow of information, so if the governments lied, they would be discovered. We had checks on propaganda, but they didn’t. Case closed. How about now? The press has been liberally biased throughout my lifetime, but in the past 5+ years, 99% of the media have become nothing more than echo chambers of government propaganda and a single political party–no evidence, “anonymous” sources, countless examples of easily-debunked lies–nothing has mattered. In fact, the control of information may be worse in the West now that Big Tech is involved. It’s simple–if I can’t get the other side of stories and can’t hear alternative voices, I will NEVER NEVER NEVER believe anything they tell me, and you shouldn’t either!

Please don’t take this as an endorsement of Putin. I don’t support this thug, just like I didn’t support Saddam Hussein, Muammar Gaddafi, or the Taliban. But how did it go after the military took out these leaders? It seems more often than not, when the U.S. gets involved, it costs a ton of lives and dollars, and then it leaves a situation far worse. What if, as Lindsey Graham and others have called for, Putin is assassinated? What happens next? Does Russia descend to another Iraq ISIS type of chaos? What happens to the thousands of nukes under a new regime? Also, I think Putin is a ruthless leader, but I don’t think he’s stupid. He knows the importance of world opinion, so I doubt he’d be dumb enough to intentionally order a lot of the atrocities being repeated in the media. And if Big Tech is preventing people from hearing ANYTHING from the Russian side, what are we supposed to believe? Almost always, the ONLY evidence ever cited by the media that a story is “Russian disinformation” is that someone in the government said so. Got it! đź‘Ś

Mark Zuckerberg’s Election Interference Chief Now Runs Joe Biden’s White House Tech Team

journalism before microphone politician now amplifying government
state run media control narrative supervising russia or america
dragging america war fox news hillary schwab biden cnn escalator
lyndsay graham kill putin cheerleader
question putin zelensky mind free enough both dictators thought told to

Lesson of the Day

lesson truth casualty war 10 commandments

Social Media Posts of the Day

tweet libertarian holmes psychopath snake oil hear about government
tweet apple russia products china slave labor
tweet history repeating 19th century all in two years

Quote of the Day

quote thomas sowell whole education system never hear opposing argument

Message of the Day

message gas prices not russia ukraine biden invaded white house

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5 thoughts on “03-11 Politically Incorrect Daily

  1. Ref. the Random Thought:

    Late 1950’s, early 60’s. I bought my first ‘transistor’ radio – AM band and two Short Wave bands. (In Australia – no FM at that time.) Put the batteries in, stepped out on the front verandah. Tried a short wave band.

    In the 19 meter band, a strong signal, a news broadcast in English. “Today Indian forces fired two hundred rounds of artillery fire into Chinese positions.” At the end of the news, “This is Radio Peking”.

    Two hours later, still ‘playing around’ on SW, from the Australian Broadcast Commission (ABC), “India reported that Chinese forces fired two hundred rounds of artillery into Indian positions today.”

    Who should I believe? I figured neither. Each side probably fired one hundred rounds. Haven’t had too much faith in ‘news’ broadcasts since then.

    Years later I came across: “”All newspaper articles are 100% accurate, except the one of which you happen to have personal knowledge.”

  2. One need only look back to the non-stop lies in support of the criminal Bush administration and his war crimes to see that it is more about the mainstream media being in favor of war, big government, tyranny, government power, etc than it is about liberal or conservative, whatever those terms actually mean. Trump wasn’t pushing any of those, so they were against him at every turn.

    • I forget who said it but the quote was “war is the health of the state”
      it is very interesting to read Smedley Butler’s peace “war is a racket”.
      If you take time to read it first research who Smedley Butler was and how he was asked to lead a coup on the Roosevelt administration and when he came forth with that information to Congress he was pretty much ignored

  3. Russia invades Afghanistan – bad
    America invades Afghanistan – good

    America instigates color revolution in Ukraine in 2014 deposing their elected President – good

    Russia invades Ukraine to ensure they are not a threat to his country – bad

    I have had the opportunity to speak with tourists from Europe and use that opportunity to ask their opinion of America on the world stage. It always amazes me of how they hold America in a lower estimation of either China or Russia.
    I recall reading of a conversation between Churchill and the American in I think it was in the 50s that if we kept our nose out of World War I there never would’ve been a World War II.

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