03-12 Politically Incorrect Daily

Political Memes and Funny Pictures

office space kids clean room not lazy just dont care
if win lotto signs full tank gas
truck bull see anatomy female reproductive
like week not verse we didnt start the fire billy joel
pete buttigieg stop being poor ev 80000 gas prices
before voting biden car after bus
babylon bee biden sells alaska back russia so can drill again
just like that $15 hour doesnt buy as much as 7.50 year ago
jen psaki i did that gas stickers putin
biden ukraine grandfather tik tok
biden hands knees opec shutting down pipelines
covid liberal hypnosis ukraine
jussie smollett not suicidal nobody cares
clown makeup ukraine labs russia poland help
evolution of education rectangle math racist

Social Media Posts of the Day

tweet 5 year old angry music 90s punk
tweet son stands other stuff social situations

Biden Admin – Always Focused on Tasks Critical to America

post white house briefing tiktok stars war ukraine
tweet 15 billion republican democrat ukraine nothing trump southern border

The More You Know

tips save on gas tires weight stops dont vote democrats

How to Become a Woke Celebrity


Quote of the Day

quote snowden nothing more grotesque than media pushing for war

Message of the Day

message battle won corporate journalist tobacco deadly product cnn npr msnbc

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3 thoughts on “03-12 Politically Incorrect Daily

  1. Some say the moguls are hogging resources. Who believes such conspiratorial hog swaddle? This author is so disrepectul …. I am truly offended.

    The entire premise is rediculous. Why would the Scotland Junket Carbon Hogs sneer and laugh at the true believing Greta Green Gash Soy Boys with tiny Toys? They helped make Russia great again.

    Why would 12 spare bedrooms and a few spare tires Al Gore hawk up green chit, while owning a hefty petro portfolio, that was not 100% genuine green chit?

    I hate authors, posters, “conservatives” or so called “independent thinkers” that simply have no basis for their insipic assertions. Our elites are kind, wise, and caring. They love each little white ass, and chocolate bun under the sun.

    They know racialist “racial” “equity” beats king’s dream … you are we to doubt them?

    They know inflation is doable even if sort of not transitoty … John Kerry cares, and so does Harris. Gaslighting climate change as Ukrainians die, cackling at refugees, these are really just signs that they care, almost too much.

    Bless them. Make way for them. They are morally superior, and we should mask for them, vote for them, and look to them …. everytime we want a delicious crap sandwich. Let’s help F Joe Biden bring unity.

  2. Yummy Georgia giblets, Crimea turkey … what else did the Dem neocon swamp want on Putin’s table? Why does the weapon sales craving and war enabling swamp suck ass? It is not easy washing away the sin of catfishing Putin, with dead Ukrainans as bait. Who is cashing in?

    • “… everytime we want a delicious crap sandwich.”

      Remember the old saying, “The more bread you have, the less crap you eat.”

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