03-13 Politically Incorrect Daily

Political Memes and Funny Pictures

swanson morning after government steals hour sleep daylight savings
not smiling at you dog dont look at me
therapist what when sad add to cart
gas pump financing now available
raising kids better than me psycho hereditary
npc i support the current psyop
eu smart car filling up russian oil
4 signs bad money budget bills taxes debt
pfizer data release npc were into the war now
steven colbert stop being poor electric vehicle
yellowstone russia steals biological research facility enemies
checked car blue book value gas tank full or empty
biden trudeau farley pipelines reduce cost of fuel
twilight zone voted for your guy sht show told you

Social Media Posts of the Day

tweet inventor handle passenger door had wife
tweet simba mufasa lion king ran conviction
tweet simon million dollar idea chicken nuggets cause drowsiness

Flashback Tweet

tweet biden treat climate change existential threat end drilling fossil fuel

Trump Hyperbole

Trump loves to engage in outrageous hyperbole to get his points across, but in the case of Biden, it’d be nice if we didn’t have to take them literally.

trump gas predictions if biden elected

Quote of the Day

quote hilton take stand what is right end up standing alone

Message of the Day

message didnt wake up controversial lose friends crazy multiple events

Other Links That May Interest You

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5 thoughts on “03-13 Politically Incorrect Daily

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  2. As to the Rod Sterling meme-
    That’s pretty much what the Antifederalist were saying to the Federalist around 1820.
    Everything the Federalist promised would not happen has happened, everything the Anti-federalist warned would happen has happened.
    It was the Antifederalist who demanded the Ten Amendments.
    If we allow another convention you can kiss most of them good by.
    Lysander Spooner is a good one to read concerning the constitution in it’s early years.

    • Killary Hilton approves of this sausage:

      Rock your way to Jesus, the Joe Biden way
      Call corn popping Pope pooping, we care what he say
      No madate yes mandate really made you groove
      Funny some are saying, we are duh rubes
      Red Wave sweetest ass around
      Red Wave for no dudes in girl’s pools
      Red Wave for no more government schools
      Red Wave – Hispanics make feel it
      Red Wave – parents are way for it
      Red Wave – Thanks Joe, we really do not love you
      Red Wave – Thanks Dem Rats, for sucking ass

  3. Obama white
    Joe’s dark knight
    Forever your Crimea together
    Russia kiss
    Black remiss
    Forever your Crimea together

    Ukraine is white, we must fight
    Big tech and CNN together

    Joe’s Kabul
    the swamp feels full
    Forever Kiev together

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