03-16 Politically Incorrect Daily

Political Memes and Funny Pictures

chris farley patrick swayze chippendale earning gas
robert pattison prepare for depressed batman years as guy from twilight
dogs russians pooped in hallway
gas prices sign skates bikes horses
get electric cars double price electricity
dogs russia china biden
left arming self defense no against russia yes
joe biden oil knees iran opec venezuela
question who in biden 38 percent approval
russians apple google pay fragile cashless you
girls he full tank premium
putin voodoo doll biden happy gas profile picture tiktok

Social Media Posts of the Day

tweet smollett rittenhouse avenatti trump cnn sandman hope for america
tweet bassler son teach think critically starts at home
tweet mark pre approved tank of gas

Quote of the Day

quote cannot force message not ready planting a seed

Message of the Day

message someone hates you 3 reasons threat hate want to be you

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One thought on “03-16 Politically Incorrect Daily

  1. Keep your chins up USA Loving Patriots, everyone knows Dem Rats are sucking ass. Covid porn, warmongering, and Greta Green Gashing will not save them

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