03-17 Politically Incorrect Daily

Political Memes and Funny Pictures

guy who bought tom brady last td ball
breaking bad gas jessie walter white
help wanted sign gentleman’s club twerk
book how stick people became extinct
donation 14 billion ukraine name clark griswold check
michele buggin russia me watching own shady government
joe biden soviet superhero save america constitutional rights
raise hand said fjb fck joe biden buying gas groceries
trump who built bio labs biden fauci obama
farley love of god everything biden touches turns to sht
receipt gas pump forget experience office
babylon bee biden assures america buck stops with putin
screens at gas pumps porn see others getting fcked

Social Media Posts of the Day

tweet simon tom brady kids minecraft
tweet spring forward daylight savings monday 4pm
tweet petrol money taxi meter friends

Happy St. Patrick’s Day!

irish text st patricks one more pint wife if not home read text again
lucky charms offensive to irish just kidding not offended by jack shit not pussies

I Can’t Keep Track Anymore

Misinformation, disinformation, hate speech, racism, fake news, conspiracy theorist, science denier, Russian propaganda repeater….I can’t keep track anymore of whatever the current rhetoric is to censor and attack anyone who questions the latest Ruling Class narrative. ANYTHING except responding with logic & reason like rational, intelligent adults.

anything challenges sanitized reality russian propaganda childrens book

Now 15 Months into Biden’s “Just 100 Days, Not Forever” Mask Mandate

Senate Votes to Remove Mask Mandates on Public Transportation

The Senate vote was 57-40, including several Democrats who are up for re-election. RINO king Mitt Romney was predictably the only “Republican” who voted to keep the mandate in place. Not that it matters, as we don’t live in a democracy anymore. Executive orders and unchecked dictates from unelected government bureaucrats now rule the day.

covid facemask not ready accept everything lie
rand paul fauci guillotine facemask

Quote of the Day

quotes robin williams politicians should wear nascar jackets sponsors

Message of the Day

message in cult brainwash people think for themselves

Other Links That May Interest You

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