03-20 Politically Incorrect Daily

Political Memes and Funny Pictures

stupid cutting board chicken back to life
adam eve apple any man eat fruit given naked woman
2020 stimulus checks 2022 inflation
first dollar adjusted for inflation 2022
running out money social security medicare not welfare illegals free college
april fools day cancelled no prank worse than joke running country
americans baffled gas stations wont accept ukraine flags currency
lisa simpson everyone happy pay more gas biden voter
when china invades taiwan wont see left removing products
agree fed rate hike inflation psaki tiktok putins fault
babylon bee new york times confirms watergate tapes authentic
jussie smollett russian general this is nato country

Social Media Posts of the Day

tweet oscar functioning humans crumbling society
tweet global warming pandemic war scare giving up liberty government corporations
tweet candace owens schwab foot soldiers worldwide resist

You Know the Government Will Just Blow the Money Anyway

barter venison work irs cant tax transaction

History Flashback

lesson george washington warned political parties foreign wars

Quote of the Day

quote orwell 1984 party reject evidence of your eyes lia

Message of the Day

world not dumber easier voice opinions

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One thought on “03-20 Politically Incorrect Daily

  1. Have to disagree with one the memes. The world IS dumber. It is correct that &dumb people are able to express and disseminate their stupidity with much more facility and influence.

    In 1960, 10% of the grades given by professors at Yale were “A”s. In 2018, that percentage had climbed to 60%. Pretty expensive trophy camp!

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