03-21 Politically Incorrect Daily

Political Memes and Funny Pictures

snooze buttons cat owners spray bottle button

kurt russell learn psychology snake plisskin after understand people
feds keep printing money why do we pay taxes
farley 4 years not starting war awesome
tom jerry biden admin open pipelines drilling us sites
putins puppet climate change xl pipeline green new deal natural gas stop drilling
mitt romney traitorous commie trump get off grass
do you have mask pocket flipping bird
hardest to say wrong love worchestire conspiracy friend right
lia cant make wheaties johnsonville
men in black neurolyzer covid over love ukraine now

Social Media Posts of the Day

tweet electric bill usage fee extras
tweet trying fix 2020 making worse murder hornets
tweet electric vehicle hour charge drive out of way

Message of the Day

message dont waste time explanations people only hear what what to hear

Find Some Alternatives

zuck checking violating double standards

I’d love if MeWe, TruthSocial, or some other social media could gain some real ground on the Big Tech fascists. I suspect if one ever does, they’ll use their monopoly power to crush it as they did with Parler. For example, say Trump’s new TruthSocial service grows to 100+ million users. Do you really believe Apple or Google will continue to allow downloads on their App stores? And I’m guessing it’s only a matter of time before AT&T, Verizon, Comcast, Spectrum, and other internet service providers start blocking websites marked by the Ruling Class as “misinformation,” “hate speech,” or “not following community standards.” I’m libertarian and advocate for government staying out of 99.9999% of private enterprise, but this is one big exception. What’s the point of antitrust legislation in the first place if not to confront such behemoths with the power to crush competitors and deprive anyone they chose of their Constitutional rights? Don’t tell me, “They’re private companies and can do what they want”, when everything they do is in lockstep with the Establishment rulers. We need to elect some people with the courage to fight back against these fascists with actions, not just symbolic talking points. Brainstorming ideas: repealing Section 230 protection, multibillion dollar fines for censorship, prison time for executives who willfully deprive groups of Americans of their civil rights, and if all else fails, a complete breakup of these companies.

princess bride russian disinformation word dont think it means

Quote of the Day

quote dr who very powerful stupid alter views to fit facts
tweet hunters laptop lia thomas border putins fault inflation infection bbb zero dollars

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2 thoughts on “03-21 Politically Incorrect Daily

  1. Repealing Section 230 is a terrible idea. Reforming it or actually making the Big Tech companies comply with it should be the goal. At present, effective enforcement is non-existent. Section 230 can protect and encourage the development of new or smaller companies and allow them compete against Big Tech.

    If companies are liable for all user content, Big Tech will fund law suit after law suit against smaller companies (for their user content), essentially running them out of business due the cost of legal fees. Small companies don’t have the resources to withstand constant litigation.

    • Want a free world? Two ways left:

      (1). The destruction of the concepts of “corporation” and “centralized bank owned by elites that print money”

      (2). Jesus returns.

      Absolutely nothing else has even a slight chance against the Beast system that us being built.

      Crypto will die, companies won’t be allowed to accept them as payment.

      Was and famine will wreck people’s ability to live without subservience to the elites.

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