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I’d love if MeWe, TruthSocial, or some other social media could gain some real ground on the Big Tech fascists. I suspect if one ever does, they’ll use their monopoly power to crush it as they did with Parler. For example, say Trump’s new TruthSocial service grows to 100+ million users. Do you really believe Apple or Google will continue to allow downloads on their App stores? And I’m guessing it’s only a matter of time before AT&T, Verizon, Comcast, Spectrum, and other internet service providers start blocking websites marked by the Ruling Class as “misinformation,” “hate speech,” or “not following community standards.” I’m libertarian and advocate for government staying out of 99.9999% of private enterprise, but this is one big exception. What’s the point of antitrust legislation in the first place if not to confront such behemoths with the power to crush competitors and deprive anyone they chose of their Constitutional rights? Don’t tell me, “They’re private companies and can do what they want”, when everything they do is in lockstep with the Establishment rulers. We need to elect some people with the courage to fight back against these fascists with actions, not just symbolic talking points. Brainstorming ideas: repealing Section 230 protection, multibillion dollar fines for censorship, prison time for executives who willfully deprive groups of Americans of their civil rights, and if all else fails, a complete breakup of these companies.

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