03-27 Politically Incorrect Daily

Political Memes and Funny Pictures

fletch feels like gas station drop shorts bend over
spock facebook jail still use messenger
men stop yellow lights thing you like
babylon bee taliban banned twitter sharing bee headline
scientific study those funding slaves
people standing ukraine opposed standing freedom covid change my mind
vote pandering rescuing 2022 dems earmarks
jen psaki biden putin did it dogs shredding
joe biden will do for ukraine america zelensky
sec factory carbon emissions red tape
tax work investment spending saving
disney restores gay kiss film china version
cdc inflated coding logic error my bad
blackburn define woman fact checkers jackson brown we got you
soldiers biden pizza commander in chief buffoon fraud

Social Media Posts of the Day

tweet study history difficulties have to make phone call
tweet bassler when state used as metric ethics
tweet mcgrath usain bolt record broken by cheetah

Quote of the Day

quote change doesnt happen circumstances change you

Message of the Day

message be careful what you tolerate teaching people how to treat you

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