03-28 Politically Incorrect Daily

Political Memes and Funny Pictures

spongebob being ahole see me do it again
drawing kid family snorkeling hanging
luke darth vader one beer bad father
government imposed sanctions to punish enemies gas prices
biden one more lockdown king fauci
joe biden jimmy carter worse than you
john lennon fjb license plate
foreign aid joe hunter biden launder money back donations family friends
trump oscars punch biden
men destroyed lebron nba colin nfl bubba nascar lia ncaa biden usa
jackson brown biologist to define woman ncaa hire
biden jackson brown not paleontologist
kamala harris world stage passage of time cant get worse biden
believe all women brown whats woke turns to sht trump
in middle of current psyop cant let go of last facemask

Social Media Posts of the Day

tweet russia ukraine civilians crossfire tyrannical governments
tweet trudeau roasted as dictatorship un

Trudeau Went to European Parliament and Got Roasted as a Dictator

Quote of the Day

quote what herd hates most

Message of the Day

message sometimes change direction patience not always optional way

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