03-29 Politically Incorrect Daily

Political Memes and Funny Pictures

randy south park sorry thought this was oscars
bear biker meals on wheels chase
cat morning window what season today
jussie smollett hitting jussie oscar punch
flamingo stand weight scale 1 leg
illegal immigrants hunt down sex offenders alien vs predator
biden dear taliban please give ukraine weapons left behind
only 90s kids remember male female choice
i stand with raytheon ukraine flag
will smith defends wife punch praised parents words domestic terrorists
teachers unions failing math science reading focus teaching kindergarten sexuality
wokeness wrecking ball womens sports
babylon bee fbi terror threats trump supporter no ukraine profile pic
men women different equal brown dont know what is
kanye after ok to slap comedians

Social Media Posts of the Day

tweet mills putin didnt shut keystone leasing promise end fossil fuels biden did
tweet new world order progression conspiracy theory transitory eat your bugs peasant
tweet male owned small business sba why dont qualify

Quote of the Day

quote kirk media silences you today considered true tomorrow

Message of the Day

message society so dumbed down every critical thinker conspiracy theorist

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