03-30 Politically Incorrect Daily

Political Memes and Funny Pictures

phase out batman meme rock will smith
wife hiding pantry kids coward office
sixth sense see actors scripted events
porkys ballbreaker facebook police yanking memes news feed
wife bitch pills make laugh
dog world war 3 trenches doing daily wordle
hollywood big tech msnbc cnn china planet slave labor nba
sign alexa change the president
fauci waiting for winter severe illness death
why dont still spray children ddt questioned the science
taliban broke promises on womens equality leprachaun easter bunny
woman bodies changing over years 1970s now
green energy agenda oil is evil iran russia china
no politics exist disney woke ceo
same people two years trust science cant define what woman is
truth fact checkers punch oscars

Social Media Posts of the Day

tweet will smith trudeau made fun of your wife signed canada
tweet anytime dc media hollywood same narrative assume lie debunk 10 minutes
tweet billionaire dies inherit senators pharaoh

Quotes of the Day

quote fauci on retirement pandemic really out of way to go
quote nancy pelosi country joe biden perfect

I’m Sure If It Was Don Jr., It Would Be No Different 👌

abc cbs nbc ignore hunter biden scandals

Message of the Day

message assange exposing crime treated as one ruled by criminals

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One thought on “03-30 Politically Incorrect Daily

  1. I am torn on the Will Smith thing. Slaps used to be quite normal, still are in some places.

    They are “violence” here, but not on telenovas?

    In the inner city where I used to minister, women wanted warriors who would literally fight for them.

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