Note to Chrome Users on .Webp Default Image Setting

It’s come to my attention that WordPress & Chrome are now converting images on this website to the .webp format instead of .jpg. I haven’t found a way to change this setting yet, but you can get around it by adding the Save Image As Type extension in Chrome, after which you’ll see a new right-click choice:

save image as type screen print

The .webp format of images loads faster and can be shared in most social media, but if not, this should get around the issue. Other options to try: Copy the image and paste wherever you plan to post, use the Windows Snipping Tool program, or put a .jpg at the end of the filename when you save.

3 thoughts on “Note to Chrome Users on .Webp Default Image Setting

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  2. It isn’t just Chromium-based browsers with the WebP issue. Firefox-based browsers and Microsoft Edge are in the same boat.

    If you don’t want to mess with adding an extension to the browser that might compromise browser security, there are third party open source applications that specialize in image format conversions. I prefer Converseen, as it offers many image format options, is fast, and has a bulk image mode of operation if the user uses that option. For FreeBSD, Linux, and Windows.

    I am quite certain there are other image conversion applications, some open source, some not. Some are online and more than likely will spy on you. Others require a large purchase up front, are crippleware, trialware, or freemium.

  3. You can also 1. save as *.webp, 2. open that *.webp file in Paint, 3. Save as … *.png, *.jpg, etc. Then you WILL have two copies of the file. I then delete the *.webp version.

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