04-03 Politically Incorrect Daily

Political Memes and Funny Pictures

court kill perjury penalty
regret things didnt buy 2019 ammo prices
cat ordering fish dinner table
im from government here to help deer leopard
joe biden not against oil gas just american version
ukraine washing machine squeaky clean
cant get trouble misgendering scotus doesnt know
liberals angry tom jerry no children sexuality schools
elephants in room hunter border inlation crime left wing news white supremacy global warming putin
fed slamming barn door after inflation horse left
joe biden gaffe interpreter ukrainian
babylon bee disney ask confirm no parents in room before viewing

If It’s for Peace 🤔

tweet crimea region country exchange peace

Let’s see…New York, Chicago, pretty much the whole West Coast…and hell, we can throw in all of Washington, DC. Do we have a deal?

Social Media Posts of the Day

will smith amy schumer traumatized oscar slap
cat walk stairs beneficiary life insurance
tweet hackers matrix like code boomers whats password

Quote of the Day

quote lovell need manly capable men

Message of the Day

message lion different best compliment ever

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