04-04 Politically Incorrect Daily

Political Memes and Funny Pictures

savings plan drinking empty stomach office
2020 2021 2022 stephen king tarantino yoko ono
memes like a therapist
humanity awakening 99 percent fell last two psyops
dumb dumber media biden admin redeem yourself
whoever says cant make stuff up cnn msnbc abc cbs post nyt npr
bumper stick parent child resisted teacher break spirit bend will corporate masters
2+2 silence man says 4
off hook epstein didnt kill himself memes fck you are
line of succession biden kamala pelosi
snow white dream come true explore sexuality
tapping oil reserves instead of drilling tapping 401k instead of work

Social Media Posts of the Day

tweet inadvertently work email dont hesitate to ask
tweet sense of humor test social media

Enjoy It While It Lasts

Toddlers Will Still Be Subject to Mask Mandate in NYC, Thanks to Judge’s Ruling

Covid has largely disappeared from the news, and most mandates have been temporarily lifted, but don’t kid yourselves. The Dems/Media saw the polls and know they have to pretend until the midterms, but expect new Covid “emergencies” to hit immediately after. Winter will be the excuse. Democrats always show their true colors in brainwashed communist strongeholds like New York & California because they know they can get away with it. Dems in swing states aren’t much different in their views, but they know they have to hide them to get re-elected. After the Dems get shellacked in November elections, don’t expect them to get introspective about the defeats. They will instead cite voter suppression or other such bullshit, then pump up Covid again so they can use emergency powers to change the voting systems to provide more ways to cheat, such as allowing illegals to vote. It’s really their only hope at this point.

worshipping alter covid

25 Arguments Against Perpetual Mask Mandates for Covid

Quote of the Day

quote when cant find anything wrong create it

Message of the Day

message no longer conspiracy theorist dude right entire time mic drop

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  1. People should have to pass a sense of humor test…

    …before going to the Academy Awards

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