04-08 Politically Incorrect Daily

Political Memes and Funny Pictures

candy necklace tums ibuprofen
cant watch dog dying movie serial killer documentary to relax
shinbone device finding furnitre dark rooms
wife dont embarrass news kick fck biden shirt
iran death to america before after nuke deal cash
48 years joe biden swamp life lord
gorilla youre a dumb animal you pay 30 percent income stay out of prison
jen psaki titanic leaving for sinking msnbc
dont let liberals anywhere near children office
babylon bee rat colony disgusted politicians dc
dont say gay bill little kids sex

New Target for Destruction

You would think from the incessant liberal ramblings about “climate change” that it is the most important item on their agenda, but it’s a distant 2nd to another priority — ideological enforcement! You will obey! You will NOT think independently! You will NOT stray from the far-left platform on ANY issue. A perfect example of this is Elon Musk. He’s a solid liberal on many issues, most notably climate change, as his company as sought more practical ways to cut emissions than perhaps any in America. Until recently, liberals were big fans of Musk. Not anymore–he broke the rules! He came out in favor of free speech and spoke out against the endless list of fascist Covid rules. Diversity of thought is NOT TOLERATED in the Democratic Party! That’s why you see the media suddenly attacking him every chance they get. That’s why you see him excluded from events like Biden’s electric vehicle conference. You can bet muckraking slime such as Media Matters are scouring his background for anything to attack him. Expect regular media hit pieces in the near future.

It’s not much different than what you’ve seen with Tulsi Gabbard. She’s liberal on practically every issue, but she’s spoke out against some of Kamala Harris’s policies, and she is of course opposing involvement in Ukraine. Now suddenly she’s a Russian agent. 🙄

Go against the Leftist Establishment?! You’re done! DESTROY DESTROY DESTROY!

brace yourself complaining how twitter run liberals
tulsi gabbard views similar to bernie sanders considered right wing extremist by new york times

Social Media Posts of the Day

tweet substack hiring if elon musk worried dont apply
tweet scooby doo teaches us villains in life people know and trust
tweet rememember living beyond means groceries electricity bill
tweet tell kids fat elderly santa kids impressionable

Quote of the Day

quote ice tom homan first president purposedly unsecured border

Message of the Day

message fight for what you love

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    • Democrats are members of the pack.

      The only gage of any importance for anyone in office is:
      Do they follow the Constitution?

      is a consultation is followed to the letter and very strictly opinions become moot.

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