04-12 Politically Incorrect Daily

Political Memes and Funny Pictures

cat human throw out mouse sacrificed for them
bag not resealable one serving
ever killed by mountain lion last words here kitty kitty
spock bent out of shape meme mccoy govern passions
others trying not to offend motion detectors kid rock maga
joe biden puppet strings handlers drop still on stage
mood in america punching democrat voters
how weak ancestors words images offend you
npc government believe everything say wrong
not drilling oil here global warming same amount of oil elsewhere burn more get it
twenty five a lot context rice employees arrested disney
twilight zone men allowed compete womens sports supreme court just because woman

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How to Instantly Become an Enemy of Liberals and the Ruling Class

I once naively thought that someday the public would get sick of the politics of personal destruction. I thought, wouldn’t it be great if we could put a table of all candidates on a website, and then show their positions on each controversial issue? Then, we could find the candidate who we most agree with, and vote accordingly. I’m guessing that 90 percent of the public would go along with the idea in theory. But let’s look at four recent examples who check most boxes on the liberal side of the issues.

  1. Aaron Rodgers. Rodgers is a born & bred California liberal. While he’s not super liberal, he leans left on most issues, and he’s publicly spoken out in favor of sports protests and against Trump’s divisiveness.
  2. Joe Rogan. Rogan endorsed Bernie Sanders for president. Not much more needs to be said.
  3. Elon Musk. Musk is another liberal whose #1 focus has been climate change.
  4. Tulsi Gabbard. Gabbard ran for President as a Democrat in 2020 and has issue positions most often compared to Bernie Sanders.

You would think all of them would be liked, or at least tolerated by the Big Tech/Media/Celebrity/Establishment propaganda cabal, but all of them have been marked for personal destruction by the Ruling Class machines. What was their crime? They all spoke out in favor of free speech and against government control of our lives, most notably in regards to Covid restrictions. This just shows that political debates on issues are nothing more than smoke screens. Everything is about CONTROL and POWER. It’s not good enough to just obey & support the Ruling Class on major issues. You must also support their chosen methods to silence dissent and enforce the ideology. The personal destruction against loyal liberals is a message to everyone that nothing will protect you if you start to exhibit critical thinking and speak out in favor of freedom!

liberals scream elon musk board meeting

Leftist Whiner Mob Wins Again: Musk Not Joining Twitter Board After All
20 Ways to Destroy a Person
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Quotes of the Day

quotes twitter ceos role not bound by first amendment

Social Media Posts of the Day

tweet elon musk twitter headquarters homeless shelter no one shows
tweet if no uterus cant comment womens issues but compete sports
tweet president of el salvador powerful country destroyed from within

Message of the Day

message chinese kids calculus American men pregnant

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3 thoughts on “04-12 Politically Incorrect Daily

  1. “The mood in America” – “Democrat receiving line”

    Now why an I reminded of a scene in the movie “Airplane”?

  2. I find it beneficial to read or listen to what was going on in the recent past as well as the distant.

    I weaned my self off the RINO koolaid when I turned off the TV to do a bit of post graduate work.

    When that was complete I turned it back on and thought “what a bunch of mindless drivel”.

    With a discipline of study established I perused My Bible and history written by those who lived it.

    This is some recent history that should be understood to understand:

    search “Trump’s Lies”
    Listen to the one with “World W at III” in the title.
    I can’t speak to the other three that come up but plan on listening to them as well.

    I was truly disappointed in trumps performance.

    It was a good lesson because God told us in Proverbs not to put our trust in princess a.k.a. government a.k.a. man

    • to idolize any other human with religious level faith is turning that person into a false idol. It can only result in your disappointment at best or enslavement at worse.
      All humans are humans. We all have faults and defects. We can learn from each other, and respect each other. However we must also remember to be extremely careful in those we choose to rule over us with power. Politics attracts few good people and lots of power hungry maniacs that will do anything for more power. Think Bill and Hillary Clinton and their friend George Soros.
      President Trump would exaggerate and is often a jerk to those whose attack him. Personally I could not care less about a President’s Twitter manners. I care if the President’s policies improve the daily lives of most Americans or not.
      President Trump’s policies greatly improved America. Then Covid hit. Covid was not Trump’s fault. The virus came from China. Also Trump did not shut down economy because of Covid, Democrat Governors did that. Now the dust has cleared more people realize that shutdowns were a mistake and did not work.
      Can you name anything Biden has done to improve America? Covid is over. Democrats are in control. How was your life under Trump before Covid? Is your life better now or worse under Biden?
      If you have an ounce of intelligence and concern about you fellow citizens then please answer that question with your mind, not your feeling ..and vote
      based on reality…..not what corrupt MSM tells you.

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