04-15 Politically Incorrect Daily

Political Memes and Funny Pictures

searching for hot dogs google vs bing
wish siblings realize how low set the bar
kid late mom need get sht together
sponge bob serious situtation perfect meme
freedom speech dump anything big tech agrees with
npc spent last two years saying need diet denied health care trust me collectivist ideology
obama biden name not on kids computer
child not confused on gender any way yoda teacher you will be
fbi arrested bird suspected pooping joe biden trump
joe biden mary little lamb bird renewable energy

Government-Created Crises

China’s lockdowns could trigger a logistics snarl that may dwarf 2020 and 2021

Keep in mind that Covid and the Ukraine-Russia war didn’t create problems with supply chains, inflation, and labor shortages. It’s been the world governments’ response to these items.

quotes biden help on the way reagan scariest words government here
politicians greedy covid national debt war propaganda
world economic forcum puppet politicians war nwo

Social Media Posts of the Day

tweet putin price hike timed biden policies put in
tweet bassler propaganda machine threatened memes tweets
tweet blum third young americans have student debt
tweet candace owens zelensky fauci floyd idols

Trudeau Turning Canada into China of the West

Canadian news outlet founder speaks out after Trudeau denies them journalism ‘license’

It’s hard to believe news organizations would need a government-controlled license and still call the country a “democracy,” but Justin Trudeau is checking yet another box on the way to totalitarianism. Web publishing is not a way around the controls when you consider Facebook, Twitter, Youtube, etc. will undoubtedly use Canadian licensing to ban, “fact” check, or label any Canadian political organization that doesn’t get approval from Emperor Trudeau. You can bet the Left will attempt similar steps in the U.S., but first they have to remove that pesky obstacle, the Constitution.

soviet hammer sickle hail commander justin trudeau

Justin Trudeau Meme Gallery

NWO Cabal Scrambling to Save Censorship

tweet davis premium twitter stock musk corrupt board directors
tweet biden handlers weaponizing sec stop musk twitter
babylon bee twitter headquarter water damage employee tears

Axios Might Be the Winner for Biggest Media Meltdown Over Elon Musk’s Attempt to Buy Twitter

Quote of the Day

quote elon must invested twitter free speech not thrive in current form

Message of the Day

message standing up for yourself burns bridge matches ride dawn

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