04-21 Politically Incorrect Daily

Political Memes and Funny Pictures

smudge angry lady cat bored unblock karen
jonathan stewart book ipad words
scooby doo how to spot ahole
me own funeral getting one more facebook ban before go to hell
cat statist try skepticism
maxwell trial over no arrests clients running government
mainstream medias job not tell truth make sure dont find out
sponge bob believe the science rejection basic economics biology
hazmat liberal cant end mask mandates build your own airline
real reason politicians digital dollar on off switch
liberal mask parachute plane
everyone celebrating end mandates never complied first place
elon musk free speech democrats melting
going to wear mask was always allowed

Shocker: Wokeness Is Not a Winning Business Strategy?

Netflix Stock Drops 35% After Losing Subscribers, Expects to Lose Millions More Next Quarter

netflix why losing subscribers also man expecting

Side Note: Disney stock is also down about 1/3 from its highs and has reached a 52-Week low.

Netflix Shares Plummet; Elon Musk Blames ‘Woke Mind Virus’, Calls Service ‘Unwatchable’

I watched about an hour of CNBC after the Netflix quarterly report. I’d say 10 different financial experts commented on the stock decline. NOT ONE SINGLE WORD was suggested that at least part of the decline was due to Netflix’s obsession with wokeness. I don’t think these 10 analysts are stupid by any means, but as is now customary in mainstream media, commentators self-censor for fear of being attacked by the PC-enforcement mobs. Streaming success is based more than anything on content, especially new & original content. Despite Netflix’s massive investment in original content, they just can’t help themselves from injecting woke bullshit into EVERY F-ING SHOW, regardless of whether it’s related to the plot or not. People want to be entertained, not preached to. They watch streaming shows to escape from politics, not have it constantly thrown in their face. Like Disney, until Netflix breaks the cycle of groupthink and gets some people to stand up to the politically correct bullies, they will continue their nosedive as a company, catering to a ever-dwindling segment of the population.

Social Media Posts of the Day

tweet people most upset mask update removal vaccinated and boosted
tweet cant think of conspiracy theory got wrong
tweet guardian questions bill gates med school climate change island

Yep, He Got 81 Million Votes 👌

joe biden speech embarrassing low attendance

Quote of the Day

quote people like clouds disappear beautiful day

Message of the Day

message person worries what others think room filled people pay bills family future

Elon vs Twitter’s Board

Link: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Z11xgw1dr04

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