04-24 Politically Incorrect Daily

Political Memes and Funny Pictures

drug cartels making drugs netflix crew
sponge bob me remembering movie quotes vs someones name
buying cucumbers grab vaseline not vegetarian
kermit need tax preparer isnt afraid prison
joe biden polls cmon man
todays fbi bubba wallace vs 3 hard drives joe biden 15 agents
white house guests obama biden drowning
afraid to ask wtf cnn+
close down businesses falsely end covid reopen call record job growth
farley for love of god buy facebook also elon musk
joe biden whos running country obama puppet
liberals conditioned love servitude masks mandates
babylon bee biden reimplement mask mandates to drive approval even lower
chris wallace leave cushy job cnn+ shuts down 30 days

“Journalism” 👍

canada news conspiracy theorists keep getting things right dangerous

Social Media Posts of the Day

tweet change gender someone schooling 3 year old
tweet apple pregnant man all skin colors show failed biology
tweet obamas off spotify cnn+ dead disney tax status revoked

Quote of the Day

quote george carlin critical thinking run machines accept situation

Message of the Day

message why talking work place sexual harassment children k-3 essential to left

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