04-25 Politically Incorrect Daily

Political Memes and Funny Pictures

cat owners bloody happy
dating vs married kids put away
advantage wearing glasses flipping
air marshall mike tyson beating sht out of guy
how save taxes easy trick tar feather
jokes ammo section shells
gender studies in the 80s playboy
cow moo sheep says all putins fault
woke teachers cant talk 5 years old sex mao blm white privilege
tax rich vs tax disney desantis
president biden 3 more years our nightmare
elon musk should buy new york times turn into newspaper
mike tyson next years oscars host
netflix woke going broke password sharing

Social Media Posts of the Day

tweet biden dissenters acts of violence if didnt get shot
tweet predicting food shortages spelled planning wrong
tweet disney ruined brand child groomers

Quote of the Day

message schools want conformity thinkers not critical ones conspiracy theorists

Message of the Day

message lisa simpson batteries dont make energy store ev not zero emissions

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One thought on “04-25 Politically Incorrect Daily

  1. Re: Hyde for Senate

    What seems well enough to be used today against the squalid hustler of bad liquor will take on a different perspective when used in the future by the government to silence political opposition.
    Best I can recall by Judge Learned Hand.

    Laws to:
    Stop the gangster
    stop money laundering
    stop tax evasion
    stop drugs
    stop crime
    ensure ID
    ensure skills and competency
    ensure taxes are paid

    on and on

    free as a bird in a cage

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