04-26 Politically Incorrect Daily

Political Memes and Funny Pictures

ih8yuall vanity plate endorsed
terminator 2 not cellphone in sight living sarah connor
someone tell me what this sign means
dr evil scandemic not scaring folks send in russians
cnn msnbc liberals post havent heard border corruption brainwashing crime
star trek captain language gibberish joe biden
hillary bill clinton why havent arrested her yet
teacher parents hornets nest
babylon bee social media to allow questioning election integrity republican win
coma 3 weeks cant wait check out cnn+
transparency johnny depp trial maxwell spotlight
liberals 2012 against big pharma corporate greed wars now on board

Social Media Posts of the Day

tweet people yelling at kids 2 years masks now exercise calm
tweet adjust views new info now adjust information
tweet socrates ruling elite may not be wise learn corruption
tweet millions lost jobs cnn pushed lockdowns covid
tweet politifact joe biden shaking hands air reject evidence eyes the party

Can Thought Police Continue to Expand Their Censorship Universe?

Twitter bans ads contradicting “science” on climate change

elon musk comet twitter employees dinosaurs

Quote of the Day

quote elon musk free speech say something you dont like

Message of the Day

message science didnt change lies stopped working midterms got closer

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2 thoughts on “04-26 Politically Incorrect Daily

  1. I don’t Trust Musk to turn Twitter around, he will Continue with the censorship of Conservative free Speech on that platform. Plus he has Socialistic Tendencies, Musk is not to be Trusted.

    • We must all wait to see what happens. However, one way to know a person is to know their enemies. The mind control, censorship fascists on the left are loosing their minds over Musk’s purchase of Twitter. The exact same leftist that defended Twitter having secret rules to censor any opinion or fact the left did not like are today starting to demand that the rules be made public, something Musk has stated he would do.
      These are good signs.

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